Dream Journal

Creepy Dead Kid on a Boat Dream

Awoken suddenly by a dead child entering the room.

Earlier: Chicken is still captain of the boat, The Relentless (but bigger with more people). Fun party, I’m playing along, trying to act goofier than I’d otherwise be — everyone else gets inebriated quicker, per usual. I make up with Chicken with a brief but amicable conversation… he’s the big man, after all. Lying down amongst the potted plants of a side hallway, the boat approaches a water gate, and I watch from the front window as we swerve and brake to the right, nearly hitting a Coast Guard tugboat trying to help us through.

In another dream, I peek in the garbage and my wife has thrown out several frozen dessert cakes… she says they’re expired (as well as cheap sugary garbage food), but I’m compelled to fish them out and go through each, deciding if they’re actually still good. This dream reminds me strongly of the fact I’ve been procrastinating on piecing out raw meat for our cats — if that were to go bad, it would be a stinky, expensive, embarrassing mess, and it would be all my fault since my wife is out of town.not this one

Anyway, I’m in a room… someone’s there with me helping me do a manual task… mentions what if a creepy dead kid were to suddenly appear… then on cue, from a door behind and to my left, springs out this eerie 8-year-old. Their throat is immediately in my hand. I don’t know what I’m trying to prevent, but I remember speaking ‘dead kid’ in my sleep, and waking up feeling rattled by having to choke something that may or may not have been evil. I only got 4 hours sleep, but the thought occurred to me that I somehow woke myself specifically so I’d have a better chance remembering these dreams.

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