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  1. To remember: singing along to Esquivel songs, watching Lifeforce on mute, and drinking more champagne than is advisable in my condition.
  2. A blue moon and a partial eclipse occurring on the last day of a decade. That’s my argument, essentially.
  3. @sonomabuzz Cool! I never saw that on “the story of vehicles with insufficient wheels”
  4. My, such an interesting article for a decade which doesn’t even exist. P’shah.
  5. Ok, I know when to admit I was wrong:
  6. @Ozreiuosn Small world! I just gave him 1 on behalf of my roommate @rhiannononon. If I’d known it was for you I’d have added MORE stickers.
  7. @jayroh The concept of zero hadn’t yet been invented, which is why it doesn’t exist in traditional Western calenders
  8. @Mike_FTW That’s apples and ordinals, wouldn’t you say? I mean, have you ever called it “the 201st decade?” I blame the metric system.
  9. Oh, and Wikipedia agrees with me, BTW. Suck on them apples, @Mike_FTW.
  10. The modern convention of naming decades after the tens-place digit (60s, 70s) is just that, a convention.
  11. A decade DOES NOT end on a specific calender year. It’s any arbitrary 10-year period. Ever heard of 1991-2000 called “the 200th decade?” No?
  12. @humphryslocombe It tastes like butter! No warning could possibly prepare me!
  13. I’m noticing a real absence of number-shaped glasses this year (how do you New Decade Denialists explain THAT?).
  14. Swearing can fucking boost your tolerance of pain (which explains its universal damned appeal). No shit!
  15. A dirty, nasty trick to play on your immune system: disturbing & graphic imagery will quickly stimulate it. Thanks, Encyclopedia Dramatica!
  16. @johnhell I really enjoyed the story, and the mixed-discipline concept, but the music was a little underwhelming, no?
  17. Intelligent Design: an unverifyable creator did it. Biocosm: unknowable aliens did it. Anthropocentrism: just lucky, I guess.
  18. Is it even *possible* to put together an explanation for this universe’s life-friendly physics without creating a “just so story?”
  19. @panavatar FWIW, loogie-retch guy was some flavor of India Indian. That’s new and different!
  20. Outside the window, a man loogie-hocks, retches, then swears. Finally, someone more disgusting than us!
  21. @sleepbotzz I accidentally that meme. What does it mean?
  22. Reading thoughtful, intelligent, profoundly negative reviews of the blue kitten movie restores faith in my own sanity:
  23. @sleepbotzz It tells me there’s been 15000+ tweets within the last 24 hours and it’s still not a trending topic. Sheesh. In other news: ?
  24. This sick-laden sleep schedule makes me almost as unproductive as when I worked 7am-3pm.
  25. Guess I’m still sick. Sicker than I was before, even. But damn my voice is smooooth…
  26. Awake, my fever broken, I estimate the time to be around 5:30 am. Checked: the time is 10:00. Extreme puzzlement—where is the sun?
  27. Little-known fact: Santa only reviews naughty/nice ratios for the previous *calender* year. Big loophole there.
  28. “I’m looking for a bin. I hope it’s beer, because it’s probably pee otherwise.” THAT’S how you avoid open container tickets.
  29. We eat them to absorb their power—prepare to die, Fussy & Grouchy!
  30. After missing two consecutive crab dinners, we’re prepared to take matters into our own hands.
  31. @SisterMable I know a cozy little place on Mission St. that plays awful movies every Sunday. On this occasion: “Toys.”
  32. @sherilyn Fresno sure seems beautiful this time of year. Relatively, I guess.
  33. Some kids had trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve. I have trouble sleeping on Christmas, because I don’t want it to be over. Bittersweet.
  34. Lumberjack hat and chinbeard: do not mix.
  35. Greeted with spun sugar being handmade, followed by a traditional Christmas fire alarm test, then a fuzzy lumberjack hat. Most pleased.
  36. It’s 11:11. Do you know where your room at the inn is? We sort of might.
  37. @metaphorge The sentiment is pleasing, but oddly untrue. You catch loads more flies with vinegar (science projects don’t lie).
  38. Ok, ok, not “what a mess, it sure exploded presents in here” but “holy shit, explosive decompression!”
  39. Gift wrapping that explodes. I can say no more.
  40. If James Cameron’s next movie was done completely in 3-D Comic Sans, would that be a revolution in film?
  41. Want to bitch about that dumb movie SOOO BAD. Must this damned respect of others’ possible enjoyment yet plague me?
  42. Well, at least #Avatar isn’t a remake. I mean, it feels like it at times, but it’s not.
  43. Having an improperly formatted doctype is the “you’re wearing it backwards, that’s why” of web design.
  44. My friends, though few, are full of win. You know who you are.
  45. @Ozreiuosn To be fair, you DID used to live pretty much next to the freeway, did you not?
  46. @panavatar Good thing he cleaned nearly everything BUT the oven, you mean?
  47. Alas, it now appears that USPS’s attitude toward delivery confirmation has devolved into “it’ll get there when it gets there.”
  48. So ingrained is Christmas anxiety that I’m constantly having mini-panics followed by mini-relief that, yes, already got that person a gift.
  49. Born in December means twice the presents. In other news, new lens!
  50. @sfslim Except for color, one should expect no less from a beer called “Jelly Doughnut White.”
  51. @charliejane Regarding a racial subtext: that certainly would explain why blue kittens on this planet are extinct.
  52. Very few methods can still prevent piracy. Among the best is being named after something far more popular.
  53. Some things in life I’ll never decide: amusement or horror. Also, the cop car’s number is 1111.
  54. Outside my house, police are arresting somebody. The yuppie dorm across the street is blaring the rave song “Everybody’s Free.”
  55. @cameo I saw LMdVB perform in Grace Cathedral 2 years ago! For awhile afterward, I kept hearing “normal” songs in different chromatic keys.
  56. Bison from Buffalo, who are intimidated by other bison in their community, also happen to intimidate other bison in their community.
  57. @metaphorge The double-blinds are so absent they might as well report my 7th grade science project re: the coolest catapulted action figure.
  58. @outofsequences Can we settle on it being “the chromatic keyboard,” since piano can be rather too specific?
  59. This article, “You Fail Economics Forever” has taught me a thing or ten – (warning: TV Tropes, known time vortex)
  60. @DixieDLT I’ve always been a fan of the not-plainly-obvious, of uncommon knowledge & in-jokes. Therefore: a connect-the-dots tattoo.
  61. For someone born in December, I sure do like Christmas songs (cue: Surfin’ Sleigh Ride) ♫
  62. Man oh man, big thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birth-ay today. You remind me why I keep doing this.
  63. Railroad trains, abandoned buildings, and then a toy store. This friggin’ unicorn is going down:
  64. “Woot” is not a new word.
  65. It’s really hard to tell because of the color of the sky, but I’m told that this is a “steam engine”
  66. Speaking of music, I’m having an impossible time finding Corporal Blossom’s “A Mutated Christmas” since Illegal Art’s site mutated. Leads?
  67. @sleepbotzz Seems I’m excused from suicide watch(ing) this year on account of the holiday—but will update if my angel doesn’t get its wings.
  68. For my birthday (compare: birthay) I found myself 10 Easy Tempo compilations and François de Roubaix’s ENTIRE ouvre. Now that’s what I call…
  69. @Orinz I suppose it helps that I’m reminded of that happy birthay feeling every time I leave the house. It’s right outside our door.
  70. Woo! Today is my birthay! I’m 26, and I keep getting older, but this stays the same funny:
  71. Word of warning: since budget cuts, a post office’s stated hours and actual hours can be many hours apart. You’ve been warned.
  72. It’s 11:11. Do you know where your regular hourly employment is? Me neither, and it’s almost my birthday deadline.
  73. My birthday is 12 days from Christmas, just like the song. You now have enough information to compute my birthday.
  74. My folks say they’re delivering my b-day present on Friday, and that I should invite people over for Saturday. Anyone for mystery party?
  75. Today will go down in history as a banner day for soup restaurants.
  76. I just had a squirrel yell at me. Pretty weird, until I realized that I’d just dropped $10. Thanks, fella.
  77. Under no circumstances are my future children to be informed that The Polar Express was made into… into… that movie. #bmn
  78. Times like these, resist the urge to say “global warming, my ass!” Instead say, “I refuse to politicize science and my butt is freezing.”
  79. Curiousity keeps you young, sure, but there’s nothing like an 8-hour wiki walk to make one feel like a creaky old drug fiend.
  80. These Flickrs aren’t going to flick themselves.
  81. I really gotta start pimpin’ out my cleaning skills. I’m good at this.
  82. @satiredun Things 14 y.o. Meredith Hates: * embaressments to the human race (a.k.a preps, snobs, and priss’s) * a bad ollie * sk8r wannabes
  83. @smellmyhead Couldn’t someone do both?
  84. @johnhell But wouldn’t that mean cut-n-running on a horse in midsteam for trickle-downing hearts and minds and that we won terrorism?
  85. If the punchline is “he was arrested for making an obscene clone fall,” then the joke is too long. Rules for life.
  86. Interview concluded. I’m #1! First choice! Of 70 applicants. Geez.
  87. I’m in ur Hyatt Regencies, waiting for ma interviewz. (HR folks love when you talk lolspeak to them, right?)
  88. @annielalo Mayyybe. We’ll see if I can get/need to get the time off. Nice face.
  89. 31 days left in the decade. Use them wisely… I don’t wanna hear any whining about “not getting to do ____ back in the 2000s.”
  90. Not that anyone minds, I’m sure, but I have an interview tomorrow.
  91. @ioerror There’s an enjoyable album, “Back Tuva Future” — Feynman posthumously reaching Tuva
  92. Pet #triops, zero hour. This is where it all begins, folks.
  93. At Bad Movie Night, Wizard of Oz. Which came first: the gay community’s adoption of the rainbow flag, or fag-love for Judy Garland?
  94. Triops eggs have arrived. Imitation rain water procured. I’ve never had pets that were smaller than grain of sand before.
  95. @rhiannononon I do not like it, Sam I am.
  96. @outofsequences That would make you a pretty good lightning rod, I would suppose.
  97. @lukechastain That depends, are you in Utah? Cause if you’re in Utah, you’re being judged. By cops. That’s who sells the booze there.
  98. And so, let the 30 days of playing “Sleighride” commence! Best Christmas song ever.
  99. @tyrsalvia Dinner at “Home.” That’s the restaurant, right? Ha!
  100. Ah yes, the traditional holiday 4 AM drive. I remember now.
  101. It’s nice to have a reason to have a living room. And to think Iwasthisclose to using it for storage…
  102. @lukechastain Oh yeah! Been meaning to tell you: sign up for this forum & then check out the “Rolling Steel” collection –
  103. @lukechastain Great Train Robbery, Darjeeling Limited, Strangers on a Train, Midnight Express (1924)… Throw Momma From the Train?
  104. @bubsy012 I secretly know that you’re just stocking up for the zombie apocalypse. The walking dead are stinky.
  105. Why it’s a good idea to go to random interesting stuff (like a Historical Assn. meeting): I might get to help restore a stream engine.
  106. @metaphorge Everybody likes fantasizing about what they’ll be when they aren’t living halfway. No problem fantasizing what Twitter will be.
  107. @outofsequences Wait, it’s not Tuesday yet? Geez, thanks for breaking it to me easy.
  108. ☞ @sfslim @aestetix Too bad we can’t stick it to those snoopy killjoys… SNEAKing around, giving us shIT, being INtrusive.
  109. Gembone is bone fossilized with gem, thus: JEWELRY MADE OF DINOSAURS: So rare it doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, though.
  110. Repeat: the Dark Room isn’t ALLOWED to be a byo; IF booze is brought they have to turn you away; there are terrible HIDDEN costs otherwise.
  111. Attention @darkroomtheater patrons! Our favorite dimly-lit room had a visit from the ABC. Per the War on Fun, you can’t be seen w/ booze.
  112. @panavatar Can you flag someone on Yelp as a douchebag? I wish you could.
  113. Neato! My photo of a caveman — — will be in the book adaptation of the blog
  114. In the future, post-human cyborgs will replace belly-buttons with headphone jacks. They will have similar concerns as us.
  115. Flickr seems a little more upsell-y today. Huh.
  116. Looks like we finally have a good idea who we want to officiate our wedding. Now, to ask them, get the venue, send invites, become crazy…
  117. Friday the 13th and 11/11 in the same week, and still no occult hypergnosis. I guess numerology still gave me 58008 (an upside-down #).
  118. @sonomabuzz And certainly Nevada’s “Kiss Your Assets Goodbye” campaign directed at CA businesses can’t help.
  119. @bubsy012 Whoa! It’s gonna be awesome! Welcome to the club, finally, Mac-girl.
  120. Anybody know a place in SF where one can buy triops, a.k.a. tadpole shrimp, shield shrimp, or dinosaur shrimp?
  121. Would you believe me if I told you that not ONE biologist has tried to make a full tree of life as XML? Or that I don’t wanna try either?
  122. @tyrsalvia Wow, that is a total win for FTM folks — perhaps even moreso than the possibility of female-produced sperm.
  123. I keep receiving calls from the number 224. Totally silent ones. If the number changes to 456, *then* I’ll be scared. #torchwood
  124. @SisterMable Rhiannon needs Windows 7 *not on a disc*. I’m trying to get it to her, and the problem is that there’s no bootable USB drive.
  125. – A convenient and timely visual metaphor for how I, and many like me, feel about Obama’s ACPA policy.
  126. @cameo OpenCola is very nice; the recipe: – the longer recipe: – the LJ community:
  127. “Nak-wee-squatsy, that’s the sequel to Kwee-on-squatsy, right?” “It’s cute when you mispronounce words that are very hard to pronounce.”
  128. I seriously want to know: does anyone else produce a honey smell when they sneeze, or is that just me?
  129. @sleepbotzz You shameless lollipop thief.
  130. Isn’t it strange how often people accidentally the verb of a sentence?
  131. Explaining would just piss you off even more. #sorryforbeingcryptic
  132. Sometimes you just want to yell I HATE THAT GUY SO FUCKING MUCH but then you realize no one has any idea what you’re talking about.
  133. ACPA: turn on network encryption, register your domains as an LLC in Panama, and call @BarackObama‘s office tomorrow.
  134. It’s strange, though… I wish I had a way to say “thanks for the congrats on our het-engagement, and fuck #Prop8.”
  135. Evening bike training. @SFslim appears from nowhere. Concerning dangerous endeavors that go horribly well, I respect none more than him.
  136. The smell of burned sage hasn’t even wafted out of The Mission yet, and my Dia de los Muertos pics are up. *So proud* –
  137. If you loved Day of the Dead as much as I did this year (or wanna see it next year), don’t forget to chip in at
  138. @metaphorge (I admit it’s not a very good answer, but it sure explains why there’s never been a progressive pro-male response to feminism.)
  139. @metaphorge I’ve been considering that question in regards to anti-misandry, and so far the only answer I have is “to sleep with someone.”
  140. Dia de los Hey I Remembered this year.
  141. Abstaining from #nanowrimo means November 2nd doesn’t have to be Kick-Yourself-if-Pitifully-Under-1667-Words Day.
  142. @sfslim That would be 90% of Earth’s life, living in the “euphotic zone.” The depth varies –…
  143. Tonight I’ll be taking money at @darkroomtheater for #bmn, now blaspheming “The Dark Knight” for those who never blasphemed it themselves.
  144. @sherilyn Mission Street. 16th is where the rowdy bunch on our car got out, and it sure seems like a Castro spillover is in full effect.
  145. Sittin’ in Lucky Penny, sippin’ smoothies, appreciatin’ my day, waitin’ for phone calls from more inebriated friends who need a ride.
  146. Everyone remembers their first Halloween in the city. If you can remember your fourth, you must be doing something right.
  147. Riding BART on Halloween is a bit like… it’s kind of like… well it is, in fact, quite a lot like riding BART on Halloween.
  148. @sherilyn hcccch!!! *fsk fsk* HISSSSS
  149. I don’t know what’s better, @chickenjohn‘s Applause bus being cleaned by high school students, or paying them with cases of energy drink.
  150. Many San Francisco residents have gone as Frank Chu, many more have considered it, but only KrOB has the balls to go as KrOB.
  151. @sleepbotzz That made no sense; I LOL’d anyway; I kind of prefer it that way. A joyful voyager probe w/ a stick in it to you, sir! – Ð).
  152. FWIW, I went with A) tourist because E) pornographer was a hard-to-pull-off, risqué, all-around bad idea (and… I don’t own sweat pants).
  153. The problem with carrying a camera on Halloween is that your costume choices are: A) tourist B) fashion photog C) paparazzi D) fuckit
  154. @SashaGrey Yeah, that’s ok… ‘Stralians kinda talk with lots of dipthiaooooungs.
  155. It is an enduring disappointment that the ‘”platypus”‘ is named for its flat feet… and not, say, ANYTHING AT ALL ELSE ABOUT A PLATYPUS.
  156. There’s a quite stunning documentary I watched titled “Platypus: World’s Strangest Animal” courtesy @MVGroup_org. Recommended.
  157. I sort of noticed there were a lot, then I made a list… and I have about 2000 un-uploaded photos to process. Yeesh.
  158. In my Fartpartment, we sometimes call this game “I Know They Are But What Am I?” or, more concisely, “Lying”.
  159. Game: repeat the last thing someone said, but change it to first person. Thus: “They blog about Kwanzaa.” = “I blog about Kwanzaa!”
  160. @rhiannononon It’s not bad — it’s just misunderstood!
  161. Yippee! For those who’ve been waiting for it, the unjustly rare film ‘Rockula’ has arrived (as a crispy early ’90s VHS transfer, no less)!
  162. Every day P2P becomes more and more normal, yet remains stigmatized due to ignorance and well-funded opposition. War on Drugs much?
  163. RIP OiNK’s Pink Palace, 10/23/07 — never forget! …whoops.
  164. @sherilyn What is “the McRib sandwich,” Alex? Either that or “boners.” Heh. Boners.
  165. Orin Zebest and the terrible, awful, not altogether that bad but certainly hard in a way that’s not easy to concisely quantify day.
  166. As someone who has buried a pet here, I cannot express how sad the Presidio Pet Cemetery looks now:
  167. @sherilyn I prefer the soothing voice of famous plumber Ron Jeremy:
  168. OH (at SF Opera sale, man wearing foam-rubber breasts): “You could totally rig these with a squirt-gun!”
  169. @sfslim Finally! [REDACTED] is awesome, thanks for the tip!
  170. @tyrsalvia Hooray! Me too! Maybe not so much the chirpy part, but we’ve waited two years and a day for this sale.
  171. Dammit, I’m not bald enough — I’ll never pass for Klaus Nomi like this. (Those fins, man. Those fins…)
  172. @SisterMable On the Sisters’ website, it says tomorrow’s beer bust costs $7 — is that w/out (yummy slaw) lunch?
  173. @metaphorge Well, the easy answer would be, as Ted Turner said, “sports is war without the killing.” Go Sea Otters!
  174. @tyrsalvia Our brains are born to interpret spoken language, but not writing. Yet those skills are readily grafted later. Talent � destiny.
  175. @cameo Man, that is a good twitter name. 5-letter names were big in 2007.
  176. Things to mess up your kids: teach them that double-doors are called “dumbledores”, and Japanese ritual suicide is called Hari-Potter.
  177. @sleepbotzz And they say AppleCare is overpriced…
  178. @charliejane I have a bigger truck than @SisterMable! Also, another person (@panavatar).
  179. After watching “Africa Addio”, and now seeing “District 9”, I have to say that I’m not entirely surprised how downhill the place has gone.
  180. @DocPop “And, in the ensuing confusion, bonobo meat commodity prices plummetted worldwide…”
  181. Every 2 years, my old college changes the method to request transcripts. Every 2 years I tell them how stupid it is… & the process repeats.

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