Dream Journal

Pet Store Rattie Daycare Thievery

Cozy inside during a bright summer day. Watching pleasant projector slides (letters with cool patterns punched within) hanging out with a kid just to pass the time. It could be babysitting, but we’re chill enough it doesn’t feel that way. Elsewhere, other adults fret and work preparing for something while we have an idyll.

On the the kitchen counter (like my childhood home) I find the last crab claw left out. I clean it out and wonder if I should ask if it was left there for a reason.

At a pet store, I’ve dropped off
my rats Martin and his same-age buddies in a high wooden display cage. We successfully bet no one would try to buy them. I break them out despite being directly across from the young clerk, essentially treating the store like rattie day care. I walk right out — stealing my own rats back from where I didn’t even ask to stash them.


Psychedelic Waiting Room

For serene, blissful vibes during long spells spent in Heaven’s foyer. Suitable for smooth trippy mind voyages and poems about color. Lyric-free, dancefloor-free, buzzkill-free. Likes are loved ♥

  1. Ennio Morricone – Terazza
  2. Bruno Nicolai – Marquis De Sade – Eugenie
  3. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – People’s Playground Version B
  4. Cults Percussion Ensemble – Circles
  5. Hilario Sanchez – S’il Vous Please
  6. Piero Umiliani – Bob And Helen
  7. World Standard – La Luno En Songo
  8. Japancakes – The Enabler
  9. Björn Olsson – (Räkan) #22
  10. Andy Ramsay, Steve Russell, Simon Johns – Wooden Flips
  11. Bonobo – Shadowtricks
  12. World Standard – Firubania Communication
  13. Eden Ahbez – Market Place
  14. Air – Modular Mix
  15. Operating Theatre – Eighties Rampwalk
  16. Sagor & Swing – Mjuk skog
  17. Hiroshi Yoshimura  – Dance PM
  18. Tipsy – Nude on the Moon
  19. DJ Krust – Re-Arrange (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)
  20. Ennio Morricone – Uno Che Grida Amore
  21. Japancakes – Vanishing Point
  22. Nino Rota – O’ Venezia Venaga Venusia
  23. Björn Olsson – Mellanspel