Dream Journal

Dreaming of Internets Past

Forums info lasts too damn long. Passing opinions from barely passable experts keep around forever, never get updated… some small part of the dream talking about how the internet has changed. Yup, in this dream I had a long discussion with with my wife, topic: when blogs ruled the world. People used to pay for their own sites, their own stores, their own obsessive passions… because there was an ecology of people doing it at the same time. People used to go to a good deal of work to have their own toehold in that vast yet somehow intimate space. We didn’t know then that it united us, made our internet world the warm, snug little home it was. There is mention of tech utopianism and I gaze further down a hill toward a woven bridge of white lace. Spy is there, riding bikes with me, halfway distance to the bridge. She’s meeting a new sweetie of hers.

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