Dream Journal

About Mithing

Woke up from dreams literally thinking “this is useless, you need to find something better to think about.” But screw that, amirite?

Well, in particular, the useless dream was about mithing, which likely is just a bad missspeling of nothing—although for the most part it centered on a box of rescued baby turtles that I turned into a vet and discovered still in a plastic box, even more dried out, and possibly cannibalizing one another. Clearly inspired by this article I linked (which doesn’t actually give a good reason for anything) but does contain some adorbz capybara pics…

Then there was the dream where I was 2-3 teenagers who’d camped out in someone’s house. The owners came home at the end of the… month? day? and we went to hide behind a redwood fence. Despite only having cleaned and made improvements a police officer was called and peeked over the too-small hiding place. I don’t know how things ended for him, but I remember those teenagers arranging exquisitely detailed Dungeons & Dragons pewter miniatures from a glass case.

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