Twitter Archive for @Orinz, 2007

  1. Off we are to party with Chicken and the Kinky crew!
  2. The sun is setting on 2007… and I wish it were daylight savings time so I could get just a few more good hours.
  3. So far no hostel in the city will claim Mr. Niall Patrick Barrett as one of its guests, past or present. This wasn’t a scam for ¢18 was it?
  4. I just exchanged 18 cents for some Irish guy’s lost passport. The bum found it outside the liquor store and just wanted some Jack-in-the-Box
  5. God, I hate junkies. Who doesn’t? Merry Christmas. NYE tonight: Kinky Salon.
  6. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! Yay! I start work at 7:00 and the party I’m going to lasts till 4… boo. Merry Kwanzaa.
  7. We have escaped the rainy city for the slightly less rainy penninsula coast. Onward, to the city of cemeteries…
  8. I hate dealing with sketchball loser recovering heroin addicts who are panhandling in my hostel and still feeling sympathetic to them.
  9. Job… so… tedious… internet… fading…
  10. Today, I had a good day. Got out of bed @ 9 to move the car and DID stuff. Small accomplishment, big feelings.
  11. @ Siam Thai Restaurant w/ my ladyfriend & she’s making me feel better about my poopy job. And spring rolls!
  12. Final count for Christmas Eve: 224, in 809MB of pictures. Great. Like my Flickr account needs more ‘bulk.’ Kidding! Love holiday time.
  13. We were aiming for a 9:00 departure. Ah, fickle fate, that spurns to will an early rise and demands a late night…
  14. I forgot to get stuff before Christmas for a lot of people… like my entire nuclear family.
  15. Foggy tonight. Feels kinda frosty. Feels like Christmas is coming.
  17. Good nite. I’m passing out, maybe more inspiration will come.
  18. I didn’t write it yet. I didn’t start writing it yet. I have the setup, I have the idea meshed, I just didn’t actually WRITE the words.
  19. Wow, if comment spam were a mark of authority you’d think I were in the Technorati top 100. Blah blah blog blah blog.
  20. What the? Ad on Someone thinks you are GAY! Find out who.
  21. Researching available domain names, I’m always afraid my most genius searches are secretly being catalogued… get snapped up a day later
  22. Is Oneirotopia a word? Well, it is now.
  23. Trying to avoid muddling in the mush of minutiae, and mine the malleable mush of my mind.
  24. This morning, I wanted to write down a story. Now my mind is spiraling and I want to build an empire. World-building, if you will.
  25. I have had the most INCREDIBLE dream which I some day hope to parlay into a “chhose-your-own-adventure” story. Dreamtime lottery winner.
  26. @Ozreiuosn: you… are so… uh-DORE-able! And I feel like I should just drop in on you to confirm this suspicion.
  27. I blogged about getting things done, and in the process forestalled getting things done:
  28. I just rescued 1/4 pound of paperclips and paperclamps from recycling… a fate worse than death. At least for the paper-sorter, that is.
  29. @Ozreiousn: second guess for “what [you] blew your bonus on:” drugs, booze, and women. Am I closer?
  30. @Ozreiousn: cameras?!! what cameras?!?
  31. is off to work.. bubbity-bum dee-doo… (takes neww camera bag).
  32. After waffles and milkshake, a laptop covered in candy remains, it’s time to get ready for work.
  33. @Ozreiuosn isn’t drunk work great?!? Ah, long for a repeat of last year’s Santarchy… 40-ounce and a beard made of Halloween cobwebs.
  34. And now to wake the girlfriend… a little Joanna Newsom never hurt anyone… except those who hate Joanna Newsom.
  35. Gnah! I’m awake! Now someone explain to me how my radio got set to 92.7 PURE Energy, please.
  36. @metaphorge Whoa! Fond memories of high school return to me…
  37. Currently addicted song: Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs singing David Shrigley’s “Your Hands Are Cold.” Weirdo fun.
  38. The lights outside are placed. It finally feels like Christmas.
  39. Anyone who happens to watch my “recently played” may guess what it means when I play 2 albums worth of Dntel. Mm hmm.
  40. My work is often boring & exhausting, & now the internet is a “guest tool,” present but not usable. Shoot me.
  41. Student loan people are idiots. I leave messages to call me during business hours. Then I call them during hours and they “just left.”
  42. @Ozreiuosn: Hell is other people. Other people asking directions to McDonald’s. Or buying video games, I suppose. What’s so bad about that?
  43. F’real, Santarchy was just crazy. I may have to write about it soon.
  44. I helped a friend move out of her apartment today. I got drunk with hundreds of Santas today. I had a long day.
  45. This will mark 3 unanswered voicemails to student loan company this week. Who’s trying to collect debt from whom, here?
  46. Eep! I kinda forgot to renew Flickr membership. One more year?
  47. B-day dinner @ Lanna Thai. Almost ran outta gas in Bayview, but I saved the day. Self-damsel +2 pts.
  48. I’m heading to Hunter’s Point to take cool photos if anyone wants me. I’ll be back in the Mission for cake, and at some point the Sunset.
  49. Ok, everybody, for the next 3 hours I’m SICK. If anyone asks I have a head cold (whatever that is).
  50. Ha! S.K. Thoth wishes me a happy birthday. I win.
  51. Killing time until D-day errr B-day
  52. It’s my birthday in five hours!!!
  53. Day before my birthday, chore day. I have to buy cake parts.
  54. Bloglines down till 11pm? Wait, 1am!? But I just began using Beta a.k.a. GOOD version!!!1!
  55. I just got that “24-hours with no update” notification from Twitter. And you know what? I don’t feel bad. I’m not gonna pretend.
  56. Listened to a new I-Dose during lunch, although I can’t say that I’ve been brought to “the mind-state of near orgasm”
  57. You know, the nice thing about terribly annoying people who ask inappropriate questions is they remind you how nice everyone else is.
  58. Google, you fail me! How can it be that no one has played “O Fortuna” on a theremin yet?
  59. @girlsgonemad Well, that’s a good thing, right? Unless you illegally downloaded it.
  60. Old girlfriend talking about older ALMOST-g/f: “got spooked by Emily […] she popped into the room and started yelling or something.”
  61. @girlsgonemad wicked icky! I want one as a pet, but with all the projectile adhesive it might be a bad idea…
  62. My ladyfriend keeps telling me to stop looking at Onychophorans. Partly must be that even a Google image search for THAT still shows tits.
  63. @Ozreiuosn no wonder you think San Fran hates you.
  64. Oh my goodness I can’t believe I answered a consu-question:
  65. Work surprisingly unhorrible. Must be the 4 out of past 5 days I’ve had off for no real reason.
  66. My hair is blue. New blue. Tomorrow: driver’s license blue.
  67. @Ozreiuosn pff. Twitter is faster and cooler, DUH.
  68. @Ozreiuosn Disneyland: hard to park. SF: hard to park. Disneyland: entry fee. SF: Bay bridge tolls. Many lands and themed sections therein.
  69. @Ozreiuosn to be fair, the “park my car” bit is the same as old-school Disneyland. Think about it: entry fee to enter the theme park=Fastrak
  70. @girlsgonemad What are you doing up? No real reason. Go to sleep.
  71. Whoa… I stayed in bed way to long, didn’t me…
  72. Hoorah! My first torrent: What you say? Can’t see it cause ur not invited? Patience. I’ll get some ‘vites.
  73. @metaphorge glad to hear that, Mr. Phorge. Pictures forthcoming, one might assume?
  74. I’m happy. I managed to discover and be invited to the new hot torrent tracker in less than 24 hours.
  75. Flowers and Trees – Newest GLOT.
  76. Vimeo is awesome! I’m finally uploading a cool mashup I made in college. Only 10 hours, 8 minutes, and 34 seconds to go.
  77. I just saw “8 Crazy Nights” @ the Dark Room. Every movie I see is worse than the 1 before. So every time I go its the worst movie I’ve seen.
  78. @sfslim I will wager that it will be Monday, but AFTER 12 noon. Anytime thereafter, Monday. $five.
  79. Coincidentally, the moustache isn’t real. I was NEVER real. So disillusioned, man.
  80. Puppets! Everything else is bullshit. So says Chicken John. I believe him.
  81. I’m a little sad now that Nanowrimo is over. Or a lot. I didn’t come close thise year, either. Sigh. Real life.
  82. My favorite parody song sung in my house: “Don’t Love You Cause Your Dick’s Too Big”
  83. Ok, we’re finally getting out of the house. Gone Valencia way.
  84. Who’s a better Russian neo-surf band, Red Elvises or Leningrad? Yeah, I can’t decide either.
  85. “Can Onychophora bring me meat pies?” Well, they do have quite sophisticated group behaivior.
  86. Ok, I know it’s my day off and I have better things to do, but Onychophora are some of the weirdest creatures alive:
  87. Hey, anyone know the name of the thing, the thing that @LaughingSquid used to crosspost… dammit but where is Twitter’s search function?
  88. Hey everyone! I fixed my browser. Betcha didn’t know it was broken, huh. Grr… internet withdrawl.
  89. great, @Ozreiuosn, you broke Vimeo. Mine’s not!
  90. @Ozreiuosn: no you’re not!
  91. The last statement is not to be confused with the first statement.
  92. Zebest things in life are free. Like porn! And old friends. Old friends who may or may not recieve Christmas presents.
  93. Ok… “brevity” is shorter than “breifness.” Get it?
  94. Hellllloooo… proof of concept: http://allthatozblogz.homep…
  95. And @ozreiousn, you aren’t helping…
  96. Explosion: sometimes I get the urge to put up so many new things on the internet it probably isn’t a good idea. Good thing I usually can’t.
  97. I guess we coulda gone to that “What’s Your Answer” thing tonight. Just so tired from that evening nap, well… there’ll be another. I hope.
  98. @girlsgonemad I also didn’t get much sleep last night. Girlfriend, too. Seems like there’s something going around.
  99. Girlfriend worries a lot about ghosts. Now I know it’s because she thinks she’ll eventually see one. Creepy.
  100. @Ozreiuosn: what you need is some sort of aggregate site… a clot for all this glut of information… some glut-clot. Hmm…
  101. Ogle ogle ogle. Ogle.
  102. ‘Tis the season for conspiring…
  103. Got up a leetle late. Goal was 9:00, now it’s 11:30. I blame Softy. Softy! The little mattress that couldn’t. Sigh. I work at 3:00.
  104. Is it time to go home yet? Santa Rosa is boring.
  105. At neighborhood burger joint in Santa Rosa, being brothers. Many, many spitballs.
  106. @Ozreiuosn well now that I’ve been prodded, I have to ask… time is money. How much have you spent and how long were you up yesterday?
  107. @girlsgonemad Nothing Works and Everything’s Broken. I am familiar.
  108. @loudtweeter Hey there, I’ve been having some issues with posts coming up as gibberish if you weren’t already aware:
  109. Easy-over eggs and Czech beer for dinner. I had peach ice cream and pineapple soda earlier. What’s wrong with me…
  110. Haha… oops. This morning, I parked outside my house. My house is a Thursday street. No ticket, though—holiday. Lucky break.
  111. Waiting for the train, headache and noone to come home to. Oddly, I feel fine.
  112. Home alone on Thanksgiving, what else is there to do but eat half a sort-of pumpkin pie?
  113. @Ozreiuosn Even for turkey? Even for stuffing? Even for… aren’t you bored by now?
  114. And, after having blogged and browsed the internet more than was necessary, I’m thankful to say I return to slumberland.
  115. Wellp… off to SFO to drop of friend. Oh what a beautiful morning! For me to poop on.
  116. @panavatar because I’m not there to tell you so. NOT!
  117. @girlsgonemad Destiny has smiled upon you this day. But… who delivers mail at 1:30 in the morning?
  118. @Ozreiuosn Well, there’s more where that Stinkie came from. You know.
  119. Home alone. When the cat’s away, the mouse will play. Who’s the mouse?
  120. Damn, man. No time to blog or upload pictuires. Just a fire alarm. Am I too sel-centered? AM I? AM I? ARE I?
  121. Six months on the job and I just got the first instructions about customer service I’ve ever gotten. Oh, and I work in HOSPITALITY.
  122. Good morning! It’s three hours since the alarm went off, and I feel fine…
  123. So… I’ve decided not to write that Craigslist “Missed Connections” ad after all. Too many Mobergs in the world. Better to say ‘hello.’
  124. @Ozreiuosn I have a photograph framed in my bathroom that reads “if you’re bored when alone it’s your own fault” True? Who knows. Go & poop.
  125. Oh… 156 photos taken today. Oops. Think I went a little overboard there with the new cameras.
  126. @girlsgonemad Ok, what if I told you that name was “Pepper?”
  127. @smellmyhead is it contagious? I wanna take some sick leave, and I really should be sleepy right now by all laws of nature.
  128. Sacre bleu! When taking creepy pictures of our hostel basement, it’s impossible to upload them the same day. No CompactFlash card reader.
  129. My lady and I figured out a kid name last night. Without saying what it is, are we being dumb?
  130. I need to in to the bank & make change. Shh… I have $730 in my straw hat.
  131. @Tyrsalvia someone deserves a little Pommes des Mer! P.d.M. = Fruit of the Sea. Sounds dirty, dun’t it? What job, do tell…
  132. @Ozreiuosn ha! that’s nothing! I haven’t turned my laptop on in a year and a half! Course, the power supply is mangled beyond repair, so…
  133. Last night I dreamt that I blogged. I did my research. I had my window open. Then my woman wanted to have sex… damn.
  135. Why do people pay other people to be bored?
  136. Ok. There’s LOTS of cute girls checking out this morning. What gives?
  137. Music: Roberta Sherwood – Country Songs for City People. Clothes: blue Usher’s vest with striped boyshorts and socks. Thrift stores rock.
  138. Huh huh… 2 men walking abreast. A breast. Going to the store now. Store(s). Can has sustenance?
  139. @girlsgonemad 511 says about 50 minutes. I work tmrw @3, but before that there’s free piercing (yes, free) that I wanna get on. Plannings?
  140. Weinerschnitzel. Yay! People over at houses. Yay! Long, mostly aimless conversations w roommates. Yay! Day worked out good.
  141. @Ozreiuosn no you ain’t!
  142. Off to weiners. Weinershnitzel, that is. Only 5 hours late.
  143. I’m sorry, I’m sorry… how is Willy Wonka NOT sexy?
  144. How sweet all one’s plans seem… before you get stabbed with, like, an inch of high-temperature wire at 3:00 in the morning.
  145. Ha! I have plans for tomorrow. Plans which I will reveal, tomorrow.
  146. You know, that last tweet was the 1st time I got that silly “24-hours since last update” notice. Didn’t feel as silly as I thought it would.
  147. Twitter? At work? New manager, man, new world…
  148. @tyrsalvia and how, praytell, would something like that happen?
  149. If you ever wanted to know all about my blue hair, now’s the time to read and snark:
  150. It’s not fair. Twitter shouldn’t count as “using the internet” at work. You don’t even need a website, people.
  151. Sticker on street: don’t blog me.
  152. Gee, all stocked with new sticker rolls and noone to tell me what odd phrases to stick where.
  153. Lynae: “The only thing that ball pits and my ______ have in common is that babies die in them.”
  154. Great. GREAT. The po-po are here in response to somebody threatening suicide. That same guy was down here hitting on chicks a half hour ago.
  155. @Ozreiuosn Does your boss give you advance warning that you’ll be working 2 peoples’ jobs yourself the next day? Mine does. It’s a courtesy.
  156. Great. I guess I CAN’T simultaneously check email, to-do list, camera reviews, look at naked pix & abandoned place pix. Stupid computer.
  157. And here I was telling the world I’d never get a pedicure… /wink
  158. @sfslim Ahh, context-free imagery. Sticker tape graffiti and grandpa’s beer.
  159. Some say the basement is haunted. I say it’s haunted by stink.
  160. “I wonder what it smells like when a candy store burns down.” They keep getting better, don’t they?
  161. @Ozreiuosn det that does… is what? You… I’m not… you trying to get me to read the rest, or something? Phart.
  162. @Ozreiuosn are you in cahoots with this one? @panavatar? She says you need a new camera. I WON’T LET you have MINE.
  163. @panavatar: Oh dear. Now it begins.
  164. Lynae’s 2 evening quotes: “I went to an ‘Interview w/ the Vampire’ book club once,” & “it’s not like seeing a cheetah eat w/ a spoon.”
  165. @tyrsalvia they do come in handy, don’t they?
  166. Once again real life destroys my dreams of Nanowrimo.
  167. I give up. The internet will still be here tomorrow, right?
  168. Gunshot in the neighborhood. Girlie says it’s at least 4-5 blocks. I say: HEY there’s GUNSHOTS in my NEIGHBORHOOD.
  169. Wait… even though the g/f doesn’t READ my Twitter, SOMEONE has still been telling her things that appear there? Who would that be?
  170. I shouldn’t HAVE to look up how to trap onClick event handlers just to put up Lynae’s blog. I shouldn’t. jut I do. Sigh.
  171. @Ozreiuosn isn’t that the official Consu-band?
  172. @germinator wait… is that really true? are we having concurrent dreams?
  173. @germinator with the Z, man… gotta get it with the ZZZZ or else it don’t work.
  174. Hey… you can change your Twitter username?! Gah, this site is awesome. Is this your doing, @tyrsalvia ?
  175. I dreamt that I woke up, looked in the mirror, and my hair was brown. Then I woke up, looked in the mirror, but my hair is still blue. Phew.
  176. Lady-friend, why you going and buying camera batteries off eBay when WE DON’T HAVE that camera?
  177. Sweet spore of Ambergris! This “Shriek” book is awesome.
  178. Sweet humor that is Smackhead presence, you are a dangerous delight. Shut up and pay for the lockers.
  179. Damnable internet! You taunt me with your easy lustre, but the danger you pose to my work is venomous.
  180. Lynae just picked out some chocolate chips from the chocolate chip cookies. W.T.F.
  181. @germinator noooo! hostile pancake takeover! Until you tried to get all Canadian on me I was gonna give em to you.
  182. Hey everyone! Who wants pancakes?
  183. My girlfriend can be such a tease. Sometimes she tries to ask me “hypothetical” questions. We all know where that leads… new cameras.
  184. @Ozreiuosn and a “chick-fil-a” would be what? It can’t be what I’m thinking, cause I’m saying it in an Australian accent, and… well, no.
  185. Umm, Twitter, tell me it’s not really 15 before 6. I had a bad day yesterday.
  186. I… just got up an hour early. There’s 5 more hours until work starts. Guess I’ll go “try to meet the goals I set out for myself.” I guess.
  187. Dia de los Things was ok. Wish we’d been more prepared. Crepes and sushi for anniversary were way awesomer.
  188. @Ozreiuosn take you back!? After what you said about Google! And what’s a “youll?” Ok, I guess.
  189. I think I’m zebest. Do you?
  190. I said five minutes, lady! Geez, I’m uploading these 27 pictures of YOU, isn’t that enough looking at you for one night?!
  191. @ozreiuosn: you know that’s like, the best part of the road trip, RIGHT?
  192. @girlsgonemad: context much? Is Trader Joe’s shut down or something? Did you ride BART down to Pleasanton only to find it wasn’t pleasant?
  193. @Ozreiuosn: You take that back!
  194. For the record, I have NEVER BERFORE blogged twice in one day on my Glot. Breaking limits, Nanowrimo. Wonder if I care.
  195. Grr… parking in the Mission is an art, not a science. It’s reasonable to have cars parked on a streetsweeping st. if it’s already passed.
  196. My Dad wants to do Nanowrimo, too. I’m gonna help him by installing like, 20 wordpress themes on his neglected website. Is that helping?
  197. Jeez! Who’d a expected that the Nanowrimo site would be soo slooow on November first? Oh… pretty much everyone.
  198. So… the Halloween party I didn’t go to… you didn’t go to either? You, San Francisco, didn’t go to it? OK… that worked out then.
  199. I missed rollerskating!? How is this possible?! Oh yeah, work.
  200. Why am I eating @ the mall on Halloween? Hall of Justice is too far away. Bless you, Chicken John!
  201. Hi! My name’s Orin, and today I’m a Pirate-cat-scotsmen-busdriver/resident of San Francisco.
  202. Blogging about when I met Aaron Ximm, TOTALLY IGNORING what I will be wearing to work later. Dammit! I’ve already had 3 costumes this year!
  203. No big reveal tonight, but you can read Lynae’s crafty stuff here: …soon to be In Color!
  204. My g/f thinks she’s more obsessive compulsive than me. HA! Who came up with the modular sidebar idea? Huh!? I wanna stop web-designing now.
  205. @tyrsalvia In all seriousness, I was about to have sex, so it just felt like it always does. We weren’t even sure we felt the quake.
  206. Designing blogs just gets easier and easier. This makes up for those months I toiled learning to style MySpace on IE 6 back in college.
  207. You’re welcome, World. I give you The Brazil Soundtrack (by way of Oink, R.I.P.) …
  208. Dangit… now I’ve just remembered and am therefore obligated to upload a couple previously-Oink torrents onto the Pirate Bay …@germin
  209. @germinator Oui Stereo Total! Non, pas David D. videos… :-D. I DO have 2 Messer Chups albums if you want.
  210. @germinator oh no! What happened to your first gen ipod? Oink’s shut down. As for new stuff, try Stereo Total and J.U.F.
  211. Sometimes I download things just because people say THEY like them. Music works bad. Snitter works good. I’m looking at you, @laughingsquid
  212. @tyrsalvia She did, and we did, and then a dog ran between us chasing a laser dot. I like that bar. Good luck, and break a leg. NO! DON’T!
  213. I get to cross another one of my list of people to meet: Aaron Ximm –…
  214. I got the first question @ Dr. Hal AND a shot of Fernet! I think I won!
  215. @12 Galaxies !The end of Dr. Hal begins!
  216. Lemon sorbet always reminds me of the frozen lemonades I got as a child, living in the desert named Palm Springs. Cold can’t stop me.
  217. Boss-lady gets back. No more internet at work 🙁
  218. I like blogging. Why’ I ever stop? Oh yeah, r/l.
  219. I sometimes forget that we actually GET breaks at work. Then it sucks that I’m 45 minutes late for mine.
  220. My girlfriend wants to know why Mexicans love bouncy castles so much.
  221. @girlsgonemad: Well that’s just cause you’re confused. See, this is Twitter, not LJ. Start over.
  222. Why am I so amused that the Wikipedia article on “vagina” was missing a period? And that I got to fix the missed period?
  223. thinks to himself: well, if the lady-friend’s asleep I guess I’ll just blog about all the problems we were gonna figure out.
  224. I just invited myself to a party that I’m not sure needs an invite and a costume theme for which I have no costume. Wish I planned better.
  225. Going to Santa Rosa! In-N-Out, hair dye, costume supply, etc. Day off is nice.
  226. @germinator: mis-type, less than 10 SECONDS ago. How’d you do that? Leopard has magic built in?
  227. @Ozreiuosn: Y’all come back now, y’hear? No really… we like you, too.
  228. Ha ha ha! When the Cat’s away the mouse will play! On the internet! Enjoy your 4-day weekend, boss-lady. I know I will.
  229. @Ozreiuosn: well, that’s what you get for DRIVING through there. Think of it as “timeliness” tax. Didja flirt with the guy, at least?
  230. Cross-post successful. I now have a NEW GLOT. Granted, it’s from, like, a week and a half ago…
  231. Oh no! My LJ password was wrong and LoudTwitter didn’t work. Oh no! I haven’t twittered all day anyways!
  232. So, my favorite music tracker died today. Yeah—Oink’s dead. But hey, someone cured AIDS so I’m pretty ok with the world this week overall.
  233. Uh oh…not all my girlfriend’s blogs are in my feedreader. Someday I’ll get around to designing them like I said I would. Good start right?
  234. Nobody calls it Cali. NOBODY calls it CALI. Except for dummies.
  235. Leaving one’s iPod on random at work is a fickle, dangerous game. Let’s leave it at that.
  236. Card: home. Lunch: here. Cash: none. Colon: problem. Solution: uhh… anyone like to book a tour to Yosemite? Hey, all ya’ll guests?
  237. @Ozreiuosn: adn whose idea was it to use LoudTwitter? I dunno, I musta seen it somewhere.
  238. Oh, dammit, does that mean I’m actually going to have to CARE now?
  239. That’s pretty awesome. I just set up this thing:
  240. I feel so diligent organizing photos. I’ve done a LOT with my Flickrpix lately. Anyone seen where my blogging went? Can’t seem to find it.
  241. I’m making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out if I can come up with a stupid costume idea.
  242. I’ve said it before: you can’t look regal holding a chicken. “Return to Oz” is a weird movie.
  243. Have I mentioned that I’m caught up to date with Flickr pictures? Cause I TOTALLY am…
  244. 1-year anniversary of one of the awesomest days I had living at Pacfic Tradewinds. Inquire for details.
  245. At the parent’s house, eatin’ deviled eggs.
  246. @germinator: sure thing, I’ll tell her. What happens in January?
  247. Pretty good party, you ask me. I coulda used less $25 bridge toll cause there’s no sign and no exit lane and they don’t take cards, though.
  248. You know it’s true: you’re not really friends with someone who has a lazy-eye till you talk about the lazy-eye. I might have a black friend.
  249. Whoa! Xombié LeRot would be such an awesome zombie stripper/burlesque performer name!
  250. God, I miss the internet sometimes. I miss it like I used to miss books. Damned books.
  251. Update: no the hell I’m not. Dammit Flickr.
  252. This is amazing. I’m uploaded until October 4th. I’m almost afraid of running out of things to upload.
  253. My outfit today is pretty bizarre, and I’m not even wearing any costume clothing. Unless you count suspenders.
  254. Damn! Caught by security. On my way out now (obviously).
  255. whoa… Pt Molate park is awesome. Not to say I climbed around the fence or anything cause I just happen to be in Richmond this morning.
  256. Haha! Finished! Wish I could link the damned post, cause it’s cool, but I’d blow my cover.
  257. I wanna see Lítla Dímun before I die, and I wanna throw a no-clothes party, and I wanna finish this stupid blog entry.
  258. (to be sung:) good morning, it’s ray-aining… it’s great to stay up late, good morning, et cetera, to you.
  259. This was a good day.
  261. It’s these wonderful rare moments where I can browse the internet and listen to whatever I please that I sometimes think: this job sucks.
  262. Everytime I go on the roof I get a rush, as if I’m risking my life. Today I realized that sometimes I risk my life to wire better internet.
  263. @germinator: frick yeah, I am. Well… not today, cause it’s my day off. But it’s that other guy’s WEEK off. Works for me.
  264. I’m happy to be obsessed with Flickrpix. Rinse, wash, repeat. Almost through August! Woo!
  265. Let the stormy clouds chase / everyone from the place
  266. Man, this “mandatory vacation” thing is awesome when it happens to people you don’t *want* to work with.
  267. Sigh… I’ve needed breakfast since 7:00 this morning. And I got up at 7:15.
  268. I need to get up in five hours. Man, being suspended is like being on vacation. Come to think… it’s *exactly* like being on vacation.
  269. Castro Street Fair here I come! More Flickrpix! Oh, dammit.
  270. I forgot I had Twitter. No, seriously, I forgot.
  271. Oh my GOD that was hot. The girl behind the fucking sheet just exploded.
  272. I’ve been instructed to Twitter about Arse Elektronika’s technical difficulties.
  273. I am male. I have purchased a power tool. Soon I will construct and install homemade shelves. Respect the testosterone.
  274. I’m on my way to right a that which I’ve been wronged by. Suspended from my job. Won’t say more; ask later.
  275. Watching DS9 “Tears of the Prophets”, and tossing out a buncha stuff through Craigslist…
  276. The new Flock browser: improved services, works on a portable drive, still prettier than Opera. A+. Get it:
  277. You can twitter from WITHIN the address bar of the new Flock version?
  278. @ozreiuosn: you too, huh? beer helps. no, really.
  279. Fuck you, Yelp… Sparky’s Diner is five stars all the way. I am Zebest food critic.
  280. It is amazingly easy toy get drunk at a wine-tasting reception. Just saying.
  281. Orin Zebest and the Terrible, Aweful, No-Good Morning.
  282. I got up an hour late, the fire alarm went off, and he 2nd floor toilet is leaking. I’ve been here 40 minutes.
  283. @OrinZebest: yeah, my parents think a name change is a bad idea, too.
  284. I just added a tag to 185 Flickrpix of myself. “Orin Zebest.” Thinking of changing my tiwittername, too.
  285. I made the hostel 3000+ today & I still got cheated out of $10, you fucking Ugandan fucker. You know who you are.
  286. I look AWESOME today. Lost in Hong Kong tshirt. New blue fancypants. Seesucker blazer. Swap was good to me.
  287. Holy crap the swap is PACKED.
  288. HOGOD. They’re done? They’re really done?
  289. About to upload 112 Flickrpix that I’ve been working on and off for the past five days—from the Albany Bulb, a sur-really photogenic locale
  290. Ghostbusters is fun. Wish I could see it on TV w/ a NY skyline + exploding buildings. 70mm survives 9/11.
  291. I’m glad I have the day off, although I’d prefer tomorrow evening. Personal reasons. Tonight:…
  292. Holy… could this be? I think the design for my super-secret site might be just about done. And all it took was time I didn’t really have.
  293. Day whatever of No Internet Yes Internet: we just don’t care as long as nobody’s watching. It’s only a matter of time before it’s a joke.
  294. Fifteen photos snuck through the blockade already. At this rate I might not be two months behind, soon. Ha! Gotcha.
  295. Maybe Flickrpix today? That doesn’t *really* require using the internet, does it? Just the important part when you upload them. Damn.
  296. Thought I got caught today, but “work from work” turned out to be “Mork from Ork.” I’m wearing suspenders. I have hairy arms. Get it?
  297. Web design is fascinatingly relaxing. Too bad I’m a bad employee for doing it.
  298. Day two of no internet yes internet, and I’m still running hot. Still confuses me having to lie about why I can still manage my to-do lists.
  299. @germinator: Dear Jerome, friggin’ awesome! Bonjour cube indeed.
  300. Thrift store shopping, looking for a cat costume so I can go to Pussyfest. My days off are better than yours.
  301. Seriously. There’s no one else working in the whole building. Can I use the internet now?
  302. Alright all of you. I need some advice. http://wordglot.livejournal…
  303. So apparently I don’t have internet at work anymore. Hm. This is interesting.
  304. Oh man! Server outage? Oh, server is up. That took one phone call and two minutes.
  305. @ozreiuosn: Yes, please. Dirtier is fine.
  306. @Ozreiuosn: You Twitter too much! Jeez! Gah.
  307. @ozreiuosn: summ1 eatz it ALL?
  308. @ozreiuosn: ha! caughtcha! Orinner wins again. I like BBQ salmon.
  309. @Ozreiuosn: someone miss an @ character in there? BBQ SALMON?
  310. Ha! Only 65% addicted to Blogging. Dave was wrong about me. Is this what it feels like to be bored at work?
  311. @germinator: you are zebest online-irl friend evar.
  312. @Ozreiuosn: cause I forgot my iPod which has my Flock browser and Trillian, silly! Oh yeah, and to wake up my girlfriend.
  313. I’m doing it: gonna try and make it home, and back, in one hour. This is gonna suck. Call me for encouragement. Or to hear about my morning.
  314. Happy you-might-die-tomorrow-so-don’t-live-halfassed-today day everyone. Helicopters are annoying.
  315. @Ozreiuosn: oh yeah? prove it.
  316. God, keeping this blog a secret is just killing me. Waiting for the big reveal.
  317. Sex and Lucia: Lucia y el Sexo: one of the best told stories, and one that happens to end in a cop-out. Totally recommended as a date movie.
  318. @germinator: Man, that ain’t the right movie at all. Never even seen that one. I guess it’ll just be my little secret.
  319. @germinator: and? has it changed your life already? manifest anything into existence yet?
  320. I am a male. I have successfully rearranged my room, such that it is more pleasing to me. The human race marches on.
  321. Today, today was a good day.
  322. I’m going to Golden Gate Park. We’re gonna try a couple experiments.
  323. This morning is so early, the world is gray, no birds are awake. And yet in at least one way it’s not early enough.
  324. Man, and I was right. This day turned out pretty decent, considering everything that’s happened.
  325. Missed ma train by a couple seconds 🙁 I blame my pants (mostly b/c I refuse to believe this is going to be a shitty day).
  326. Or, maybe we’re just having a really, really bad fight. Police officers can often be quite calming in times of crisis.
  327. My roommates are officially crazy, and I believe we will be kicking them out. Details to follow. Or not.
  328. Too many chores. Pizza time? Pizza time!
  329. Back in town, back on a computer, and already wanting to restart eight different projects. I really, really ought to sleep.
  330. Fresh Freeze, you’re my hero. My authentic 1950’s ice cream drive-in located in Eureka, CA hero.
  331. Eureka!
  332. It’s a thrift store! In Eureka! Man, it’s good to be back in a sort-of big city. Bigger’n Orick, that’s fershure.
  333. Back within civilized territory, with power outlets and phone service. Twitter time!
  334. Dunsmuir sucks. But at least it has less mosquitos. And more cute ranger girls.
  335. Los Molinos Salvation Army. Dumptown. Bud’s Jolly Cone: nice ‘n kind, w/ hot chicks.
  336. Good morning, mosquitos. Time to die.
  337. It’s only 10:30 and it is LATE. Goodnight, from the middle of nowhere.
  338. I’m pumping an air mattress in Clear Lake State Park. And Twittering. EXCELLENT cell reception, too.
  339. Paw Paw, not pa. Pa’s a Dick.
  340. Clear Lake, wethinks. Lynae’s Pa usedta live there.
  341. That’s enough camping equipment, Mom & Dad. Back to the 101.
  342. Almost about to abandon ship. I mean SF. Open road, beckons, etc. etc. NO IT IS NOT FOR BURNING MAN.
  343. @ozreiuosn: I feel that way about my account sometimes. Except, I don’t pay for it and I can just upload more and get more.
  344. They are bought. That was a very physically draining lunch hour.
  345. Shhh… I’m buying my girlfriend’s birthday presents. Her birthday is tomorrow.
  346. Yardsales this morning, and flea market, and then work later. This will be a FUN ad-VEN-chure. Right?
  347. Feeling crushed under the weight of my own planning skills. Someone tell me I’m a good web-designer. Or, you know, friend.
  348. Day off! No, this time it’s for real. Schedule: Scrap, BevMo, Costco, FoodsCo, SFPL, AAA, more abbreviations to come.
  349. germinator: who’s mairesse and why would you have killed him?
  350. My girlfriend thinks the dessert menu is “the ice cream side.”
  351. I am a clerk. A hostel clerk. And I’m NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODAY.
  352. @Ozreiuosn: that made NO sense. I’m going to have to assume that your T9 went berzerk, otherwise it must be YOU.
  353. Everyone I like is asleep except for me.
  354. You know, you’re not really friends with someone who has a lazy-eye until you talk about their lazy-eye. It’s a fact (it’s an adage).
  355. What an excellent day. Made $50 commission, checked-in NH and RI travelers, and got a free lunch. I can die now, I suppose.
  356. @germinator no. actually, I am telling the truth for once when I am pretending to lie. there will be NO BURNING MAN this year; I’ve been bad
  357. @germinator: August 26th, right when I’m NOT leaving for Burning Man.
  358. Overtime? You want me to work 8 *more* hours? And there’s how much time-and-a-half involved? And my girlfriend’s birthday is when?
  359. Yes, Frau Hanna and Frau Evelyn, I know you’re talking about the metal bratwurst comment I made. *That’s what the streetcars look like.*
  360. It is TOO EARLY for that much CLEAVAGE, Frau Hanna.
  361. @Ozreiuosn: that puts you on par with me yesterday. Let’s play chicken—sleep chicken. See who chickens out and wakes up first.
  362. Jazz music in the morning pleases me. Django, Getz, Adderley. WordPress work seems somehow appropriate.
  363. We’re going to the zoo! Eventually. SOMEONE still has to get out of bed. Hint: it’s not me.
  364. @Ozreiuosn: what?! where? will there be tight quarters and long hours, punctuated by enigmatic bursts of bizarre awesomeness? please?
  365. The morning after, all that’s left are the memories. And the sleep deprivation.
  366. Two museums for the day of one! Plus, sex party. That’s all I’m saying. Sex party.
  367. Reading about the Faroe Islands, fascinated by Stóra Dímun pictures: this is no way to pick a domain.
  368. @germinator life is a four-letter word
  369. Sushi good, tea better. Parking in San Francisco for the next 6 days? Someone still loves me. Oh yeah, my girlfriend.
  370. @Ozreiuosn: hello parking garage across the street. do you have any more room in your heart?
  371. @Ozreiuosn you never know, my roommates could break up AT ANY MOMENT.
  372. Why you gotta spend so much money Orin? Why’d you gotta go ta college?
  373. BART was sooo nice this morning. Someone asked to give me a street-sheet for free. Even the bums like Tuesday.
  374. @Ozreiuosn: I’m painting a Chinese screen, gluing patterns on it, bleaching a curtain, and twitter-mocking you all at once.
  375. Twitter on KATG!
  376. @Ozreiuosn: Pretty soon you’ll be watching the Bratz movie and wondering what’s on the evening news. Only old people don’t use the internet!
  377. I have recovered, and am consuming beer and chocolate.
  378. Oh dear christ my manager is an idiotasshole. Is it bad to have evidence I think so? Is it bad to conjoin the two words?
  379. But I want domestic partners! Don’t care if it costs super money for insurance…
  380. Hmm… Rubio’s ain’t that bad. Lunch is better. Having a decent manager would be best.
  381. Two days off, and two different sets of familes. Thanks… that’s enough.
  382. Outta work! Two days off, and nothing planned. Prepare yourselves for the coming hailstorm.
  383. holord we be blogging now.
  384. @germinator and Twitter hates you! It won’t let me follow you, no matter how hard I try. No inter-luv 4 u.
  385. @germinator more than you’ll ever know, baby. I mean dude.
  386. @Ozreiuosn I’m not <em>really</em> an asshat. Hipster: by default. Doesn’t really matter—not enough CA$H to be a burner.
  387. I have awoken in San Fran. There’s a gnawing hunger for Thai food in my belly, the sunrise is a beauty, and a stroller filled with coupo
  388. Making new consu-LOLs, answering consu-questions, and talking in consu-convos.
  389. Smells like burning! Yes, yes it does Emily. Faretheewell, soup, and have a happy afterlife stinking up the couch like 1000 Camels.
  390. blogging, putting up Flickrpix, lusting for new cameras, flirting with Dutch nerdgirls… is this all there is to life? I mean job?
  391. I make the work. Sometimes, people make up more. And then there’s the mysterious McGuffin:
  392. oh holy mother of early lunch.
  393. @germinator Jerome is too cool for school… I mean Twitter.
  394. I’m an exciting person who leads a dynamic, interesting life. No really… I’m uploading the Flickrpix now.
  395. Missouri: huntin’, fishin’ and a Butterfly Palace. Maybe.
  396. working! at a friggin job! that pays money!

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