Dream Journal

Study Peak, Down Icy Trail

A group of us are studying at the end of a trail up a tall mountain. I end up the last one studying at the waist-high workbenches. Once the instructor/monitor (my 10th grade English teacher Ms. Roos?) brings this to my attention, I leave and say hi to Sherilyn sitting in a small cubby-like room off to the side of the exit, wearing fishnets, perhaps working as a librarian.

Shortly thereafter I’m asked to get something off a high shelf — on the trail — and I’m “caught” by my landlord, who has a ponytail. No clue why he’d be upset by that, but that sounds like him.

Even further down, there’s a very steep, conical icy slope. As I slide down the crunchy snow, I relate to someone the posted warnings I saw about “Karen”, a trans lady in our [dreamt] social group who perpetrated some property destruction before she got it together and become trans.

I notice my facial hair in a mirror. The left side of my face is shaved into a goatee and sideburns, while the right is still a beard. And looking up, my hair has a wide ¼ off-center stripe shaved out to match, with my long hair hanging over on either side. It looks pretty stylish, but I think I couldn’t pull it off in real life on account of short side hairs.

Dream Journal

Broken-Foot Buddha

Palace of flags, maze of interlocking metal gridwork platforms with flags hanging down. Taking certain flags and letting them fall to the understory, where I see them crumple. Los Angeles vibe with big, distant sky.

Baby puffer fish (which are also baby rats) let out of cage/tank by glass sliding door near the bottom. Timid explorations. Central Europe, maybe Germany, floating log in lake I jump over to get to rocky shore.

Giant Buddha statue with broken foot. The toes are small and conical, curved upward. The statue is holding spoons and forks, balancing bags in front on it’s arms (perhaps backpacks hadn’t been invented, perhaps this encourages mindfulness). The statue is supported on it’s sides by the massive rock face. I move the foot back underneath and it fits nearly perfectly, but I’m informed the statue might still collapse on it.

Public gathering at a dining/entertainment venue similar to Medieval Times. Dave asks in front of the crowd what I’m drinking from the bottle next to me — it’s some really lovely homemade kombucha. A young FTM transman realizes they’re surrounded by female friends, and it’s the trust they’ve always wanted. The friends surround him in a tight hug.