10 Topics for Past Entries

  1. David DeAngelo is a very “cool” man
  2. My Job
  3. Crichton’s State of Fear (why people want you to be afraid to read it)
  4. The Archive — (here, keep this on your hard drive now)
  5. My Flowers and Trees Movie
  6. Up North, or the way we were
  7. CSUMB Sucks and I can prove it.
  8. Re-do Hello World
  9. “I am the coolest person I know.”
  10. Ten Topics for Future Entries

10 Topics for Future Entries

  1. Exhibition of Fort Ord Pictures
  2. Application to be my g/f — with CGI integration
  3. 10 reasons why America’s not so great no more
  4. Why you should destroy your computer
  5. Pictures of people’s hands
  6. Complete listing of music on my computer
  7. Reviews of people on MySpace
  8. Points of Cool (treatise—?)
  9. My Flowers and Trees movie
  10. 10 Topics for Past Entries