The Big Summer Trip

Otherwise known as the Big Summer Trip that Never Was. Just didn’t pan out, what with being unemployed and gas prices topping over $4.50. It being fall, seems like this summer’s trip probably won’t happen. I’ve been keeping notes, and we sure had some big plans. Mighty big plans…

View Planned Route

  1. Emperor Norton’s grave in Colma, for good luck
  2. Pick up Sigma 10-20mm lens from in San Mateo
  3. Winchester Mystery House
  4. visit Jenna in Monterey
  5. Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno
  6. Amargosa Opera House
  7. Airplane graveyards of the Mojave
  8. The Museum of Jurassic Technology
  9. Homepie in Palm Springs
    • abandoned water park on Edom Hill
    • my old house, high school, Desert Memorial Cemetery, other nostalgia
    • old friend Angela Kinley (if I can find her)
  10. Desert Center CA, with Llamas and palm tree geometry
  11. shore of the Salton Sea
  12. Salvation Mountain
  13. Mexico! Because we can!
  14. Cabazon Dinosaurs (on way back)

Sigh. Maybe in a better year I’ll come and visit this little post o’ mine and negotiate my way back to an awesome trip. It’s not as we’ve never pulled this sorta thing off before. Better luck next time.


Last Week in August

Hello again everyone. As you know, I went on a roadtrip. A roadtrip during the last week in August. But not to Nevada. There’s a certain… “festival” event that we sort-of chose to miss this year, and every previous year also, coincidentally. Not that it was important, or anything. We didn’t have nearly at all close to enough money, anyways. Pfft, we had a better time traveling around northern California on an aimless roadtrip to somewhere. Ended up as far north as Crater Lake, although had the best time in Lava Beds National Park. There’s nearly no one there, and it’s full of caves which you can just drop in on and explore. Resting after discovering an ice cave in one, we discovered a new name for myself. Took lots of good pictures too. We had a good time, spent it with each other and not 40,000 people in a desert. I like the desert—grew up there—and it can be a very pretty place. Much more crowded now, I hear. I’ll take my roadtrip elsewhere.