i guess its a fucken poem

One day this li’l #screenie
coulda illustrated for people’s kids-kids
how 2016 servitors (who weren’t even widely called that yet),
(even disparagingly),
(even ironically),
& who while relatively quite dumb,
weren’t not the cleverest blunt tools in a big ol’ messy computery-magic drawer…
[new line]
Especially since dude,
is this important information
…just this now?
do you really want me to get up again?
I mean this is my job,
it’s cool.
[new line]
But robo-brains in the future
usually don’t usually do
what you expect them to
[new line][ellipsis][stop recognizing speech] [horizontal rule]

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Source: Instagram photo by Orin Zebest • Oct 30, 2016 at 3:55 AM

Dream Journal

Snippet of Dream Poetry

Family seeded the bucket
And out it in my ear
I don’t have infinite problems
I just got here