Dream Journal

Passing Notes on a Train

Seated on a train next to my former crush. Along our route there’s a slowdown, then a clunky stop, between one tunnel and another.

She and I aren’t talking. But she passes a piece of paper (or simply leaves it out) on the table for me.

There’s a line of blue handwriting on it, a single stroke crossing it out. I perceive that she’s trying to help me understand how to talk to her.

I begin passing short notes her direction.

Dream Journal

Dream notes: June 14, 2018

  • Behind the back fence of my middle school, there’s a big sandy area with plenty of hiding spots in the tall bushes.
  • I pick up fussy a fussy young girl, my neighbor’s kid Daria, or perhaps Molly O’Brian from Deep Space 9.
  • There’s a big house, a computer and TV setup, a green window that looks like mirror
  • Collecting fish for a new fishery
  • Dating Robin, a girl I knew in person very briefly, and who once publicly defended me when no one else chose to
Dream Journal

Half-coherent Dream Notes (Turnips?)

Autumn & Fox’s renovated naval facility. I didn’t bring a gift for Autumn & Fox, but they gifted me.

Jim Fourniadis invite/escorts fancy occult art sale mansion group, all with same teal robes.

Very old ship on delta dry-dock, could slice into water if water was high enough.

Secret bone room, bonsai human skeleton.

Sweeping out bones, whale-sized parts.

Swimming in delta waterway with younger person (Chris?) and spotted a blue whale.