Conversational Snippets

I’ve been using Trillian Portable less than a month. Just to give some idea what I’ve been talking about, here are some random, mechanically selected excerpts:

  • trust me, its not true, if its true, then my weight is not 250 pounds
  • $5 for the Charlie McCarthy grass-skirted weirdo
  • i am teh pwnzores 4 lyfe
  • so I’m watching the GET video of last year, some of the way through, I post the entry regarding all the kite-killings there last march and link to the Al Jazeera…
  • have you considered a moustache?
  • hey there Mom
  • which is pay for my flight, and once ive finished my contract with the agency in 2 months, they will up my wages from £5.60 to £7 an hour
  • cool! I thought I was the only one who carries their life in their iPod

That last one’s really appropriate, since I actually do carry my instant messenger in my pocket, on the iPod hard-drive… as well as my browser, my image editor, my bittorrent client, and of course my bad-file destroyer.

I expect educated guesses as to the identities of those messenging/messenged. Messenged is not a word.