Domestic Niceties

One of the nice things about working at a rather huge organization where you have little idea who the top boss is or who/what, exactly, you work for, is that the insurance benefits are awesome. That’s right. Medical, Dental, and Vision, at no pay deducion. One of the bad things about working from home and starting your own business endeavors is that it’s not easy to get decent insurance.


One of the nice things about living in San Francisco is that the Domestic partnership laws are very open. And easy. And one of the nice things about being in an “intimate committed relationship” is that you have a certain level of trust. Trust like you’d pay the other person’s rent if they couldn’t.

One of the nice things about entering into a domestic partnership is that it’s kinda like a marriage, so it’s cool to throw a reception party afterwards. I’m just saying. That’d be nice.