Musing Moving

My methods, while distracting, are just another useful approach. Downloading new productivity software is fun. Admittedly, going on a search for new productivity fonts that look like old productivity typewriters is not. What I should be doing right now is quite clear to me. I need to find a job in San Francisco.

Along with a job comes an apartment. That’s naturally the first thing to gravitate toward. It’s the fantasy part. There are so many places to live, attractive and attractively-priced places. Places to imagine yourself doing things. What I’ve learned from past experience is not to trust that initial cloudland instinct. It’s better to set oneself up to do the things you want, by doing whatever they happen to be in the moment. One will naturally progress.

Hm. Craigslist has a two week position as a Summer camp RA @ SF State. That sounds pretty nice. Accomodation, 19 meals provided/week, which is 2/day plus 5 breakfasts. Now, to go through my damnable elimination method. I usually go through a job listing looking for an unmet requirement, something to keep me back. There it is: “experience working with youth.” Nope nuh uh. Also: “First Aid/CPR Training especially sought” …I haven’t had CPR training since 9th grade. Then again, my mother is correct in her evaluation that if they’re still looking for applicants on Thursday, when the job starts Sunday, they’re probably pretty desperate. Their website advertizes “24-hour supervision by trained, experienced teachers and counselors.” Well, that’s a little white lie. It certainly couldn’t hurt to email a resumé + cell number, though. So I guess I will.

Now the problem is that I don’t have a resumé—not a decent one anyways. I have the one I hastily cobbled together in Sydney those first hectic few days. An entirely different place in every sense. And now, cobbling the sequel, I realize that for the prettiness of the fonts I’m using, I should probably just crack down and be a 15 year-old girl. Who happens to have a refined sense of layout.

Man, this is way more of a LJ post than anything else.