I am the worst blogger from bed ever.

“This week is like… can… it’s weird you’re not looking at me… I work now.”

Sometimes people work too hard. It’s not just an overachiever thing. It’s an “I need to be financially independant and I’m sorta working two jobs and planning on starting my own business too” kinda thing. Or maybe a little “I do everything I can for everyone I see all day long and never complain and by the end I’m just so through that I crash.” I take it back It might be an overacheiver thing. It’s easy to get carried away once you realize what you want and realize that it’s only the amount of effort you’re willing to put in that determines how successful you are. And then you hit a wall and realize your human.

Yesterday, yesterday was a hard day. I fell asleep before 12, on the bed, with my clothes on, while my woman sat right beside me trying to work. She couldn’t wake me up. Or, rather, she could wake me up but I was still dreaming and couldn’t muster the force of mind to move. So she slept on the couch. As my lady crept into bed at 6:30 this morning I woke up confused (not to mention a little sorry).

We’re not hitting a wall. We’re just grinding our gears. We’re ruffling our feathers. We’re harshing our buzz. I’m not worried; I’m frazzled, and so is she. Hella frazzled (yes, we live in Northern California; no, we don’t live in NorCal). We deseperately need a vacation from the busy lives we’ve chosen… and we’re getting one! Soon! Ironically enough that’s causing us to spin our wheels. I got off time from work, and then I was told I couldn’t. My lady was told she could park somewhere and then somehow she couldn’t, and her truck was towed . So she’s out $280. We come home tired then go out and do cool stuff and come back exhausted. And we’re planning a party, and soon, and before the vacation. It would be quite reasonable for a suburban, homebody, happy-to-eat-at-Chili’s sort of folk to call us insane.

I don’t want to be insane. I’d like to have awesome, intense, busy, produtive, happy sanity. Work in progress.