Why We Blog

Cause you want to. Cause there’s nothing else to do. Cause it’s an assignment. Cause you need to vent. Cause you’re curious about it. Cause you hate real work. Cause you’re a good writer. Cause you think people care. Cause you want to keep in touch. Cause you did stuff and you want to remember. Cause you don’t want to pay attention to what’s happening around you. Cause you never seem to have a pen. Cause you went to Burningman. Cause you did NOT go to Burningman. Cause you have too many friends to talk to on IM. Cause you don’t have enough friends to talk to IM. Cause you already paid for it. Cause you wanna make some money. Cause you want people to hear about your thing. Cause it’s fun. Cause it fills the in-between spaces. Cause you know a lot of stuff. Cause you have a a lot of time. Cause you think it’s cool. Cause hey, it’s free. Just because, I guess.

Soon to come: reasons not to blog.

page layout (3rd draft)

Blah blah blah, my first blog layout and first Flickr picture