This Year’s Birthday Theme

My birthday falls exactly 12 days before Christmas. Yes, there’s a song; no, nobody sings it. Although there are certainly worse calender dates (like February 29th, or Christmas itself), the placement has always been problematic. But I made a discovery the birthday before I went to college: the present season goes better if I have a theme.

Two years after that I was going to Australia. Excellent year as far as “stuff I’m definitely gonna use,” and made me happy. I think a theme is called for this year. Considering my current state of unemployment, and the protracted lack of funds which that implies, this year I want:

to maintain my quality of life!

Yes, that’s right. Sometimes it’s just nice not to have to sacrifice the enjoyable things. Things like:

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Hmm, I can handle some of that – especially the last one…but I think Lynae has that one covered! Yea, iPhone bad idea – new toy come out later and you want that too. You may want to make sure you are home tomorrow for the mail delivery – you will need to sign for something. It might cover some of the other items. But then again, maybe not. Priorities can change. LYM

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