So Here’s What I’m Thinking

I’m thinking: why have I not posted in so long? Do I derive no joy from smattering my self-involved brain trash all over on the intarweb? Shouldn’t I use the word ‘intarweb’ more often on the internet, just to show how ‘hip’ I am for the kids today? Why don’t I openly mock my own motives and diction more often, in public, on a crappy website I built wasting time when I could have been doing classes?

Huzzah and kudos to myself. I have now alienated anyone who might have liked me. Usually I’m not so… deprecating, to be fair. These few weeks have been odd. I haven’t written in a long time so don’t feel so bad, imaginary audience. Or should I just address you as search-bots? Search-bots, ho!

I wrote a letter to Emily last night, an old friend from college. Not an old friend. She’s frickin 20. I’m 21. Dammit. Anyway it felt good. And so, I am now operating under the perhaps misguided assumption of “who gives a fuck? no ones reading!” So I can now admit (using my false confidence) the fact that, since I was a boy, I have had a curved dick. And that it’s the result of a flawed circumcision. Didn’t see that coming, did you asshole!? Hoo-Ah!

Well that’s enough personal detriment flavored with wanton and oddly juxtaposed enthusiasm for one sitting, woodenshoessay?
I’m to bed.

Goodnight Cleveland.

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