It is an important and popular fact that often the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. This bothers me. Fr’instance, today, when told that it was someone’s “[first day being a] manager [at the Elements Hostel on Mission st.],” instead of giving [what I later realized was] a condescending “all is forgiven,” I should have spoke the truth and said “could’ve fooled me.” This is just an example, of course. One’s brain doesn’t always choose the absolute best option in the allotted time. Hm, here’s another example: rather than say, “So I’ll hear back from you soon” after another interview is concluded [which conveys that one has arrogantly assumed that the job is yours], one should say something more like “I hope to hear back from you soon,” since really that’s all you can take from any job interview [that doesn’t end in signing papers]—hope. If this ever happens to you try not to worry about it. You gave good interviews, and the respective [hostel] jobs weren’t as bad as you imagined. I’m trying not to worry too much about it, too. Time travel does sound nice though. Damned details.

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Ain’t that the truth. I spent all Monday night thinking about the stupid things I said and the things I did not say in my interview. Retrospective views always seem so much clearer. I guess sometimes we are a little annoyed at our authentic selves too…day to day we seem just fine, but under the pressure of trying to impress someone else, we sometimes fail ourselves. Some days it would be nice to have a rewind button…and since I am typing this at 3:30 a.m., I must still be thinking about that darn interview…will they still call me?? Yours truly, another job seeker in the world.

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