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Subconscious Sublimation

Wow, that was an odd dream. I dreamt I had lots of comments, like 5-8 for each post, and none of them were spam. People genuinely were interested in my blog. Of course in this same dream my family and I were eating various stuffed pastries in a grocery store and we only paid for one kind. Dreams are frickin’ weird.

What does that mean? It means people, including myself, like nice comments. That’s only natural—social cratures, you know. Don’t get me wrong I have never done this because of the huge public demand for another personal blog. I’ve done it cause I felt like it. Just—please someone leave a comment besides my dad, ok?

8 replies on “Subconscious Sublimation”

dreaming of pastries…what a luscious thought…I will have to go back to bed to see what I can dream up.

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