Sometimes one has just stop caring about our dear ones. We grow them well, we make them the best that we can with the time we are given, but at some point we must let them out into the world and hope for the best…


Here’s my web redesign. I call it: The Glotocracy, or rule by Glot. It’s been in born and incubating now for more than two months. Checking the first confirmed date—February 23rd. Those of you who are long-time… fans? Long-time readers (i.e. those who know me personally) will attest to how much has gone on between then and now. Moved out of one place, got another, lost a job in the process, still don’t make hardly any money and have more to write about than you could shake a shtick at… Hell, half the reason I don’t write anymore is cause every time I sit down to blog glot I start fixing something.

So here it is, the solution to all my worries. The solution to all my very web-specific, non-life-relevant worries. And hey, just in time for the internet. The Glotocracy. Version 1.0!

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Well…there’s a problem Orin! In the top menu, we don’t see anything unless the mouse is over it. That’s a big design problem, I mean, people don’t try to put their mouse everywhere just for the fun of trying it. They need to see everything from the beginning.

Fix that!
Now now now.


I said NOW.

Hurry up.

I’m speaking about this page by the way:

(And I use firefox now..)

Display Error, GLOT Reboot

Dang, man—you’re right. There’s a lot of little stuff like that and there’s bound to be a case of hiccups here for a little while. Any more you see, and I don’t, let me know.

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Fresh and ready chromo-glot-gasm for your surfing pleasure. It’s not a blog. It’s GLOT. Well, I mean, it *is* a blog but I’m sure not gonna call it that. If you actually wanna know, I guess you should poke around. Lord knows I have. This design has …

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