Blog Layout

Today, I’m going to do my blog layout. Honestly I don’t know if I’m going to get it done, but I’m going to try. I was lying in bed and an idea came to me. I intend to develop it.

A lot will be like before:
Symbol in the upper-right corner. Top black bar with title “Wordglot.” Grid, colored, drawn down the side.

Here’s what’s new:
Layers within the grid. Top layer is actual black square grid. Lines maybe altogether 2-4 inches wide or 15% of page. Next layer is in the top-left. Translucent single-colored squares, appearing randomly placed and thinning as they descend. Below these is the bottom layer, which is determined by the post category. Unique images for every category.

Possible issues:
Aligning the images to properly fall at the left-most edge while still having post fall beside it. Matching up the category images so they don’t end inside squares; they change underneath the gridlines. Proper translucency tapering for colored squares. Possible issues with the cat_images plugin that allows custom images for every category.

I’ll post an image of the draft when I come up with it. Why? Because I can, that’s why.

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