Zeitgeist in a Nutshell

Zeitgeist the Movie. Ok, I just finished watching it. First reactions: a little depressing. A little tricked into watching it cause I followed a blind link on advice from a friend that it was “definitely worth seeing.” Not disappointed, no. Not at all. Not entirely. Maybe a little. Yeah, it kinda sucked… I mean, you really had me in the beginning because you must know how much I enjoy unraveling complexity, but did you really mean all that stuff about Jesus and Horus? And then you present all these brain-tingling conspiracies about September 11th and move into… international finance and then… RFID chips? The trans-American highway? What is this? Well, I did like watching it while I watched it, at least. I think I would perhaps possibly say with a little tentative conviction that it is worth seeing. Before doing so, bear in mind four things:

  1. This movie is nearly 2 hours long and you may be compelled (like I) to watch all of it
  2. If you are religious many “theories” may “bother you” or simply make you “pfft”
  3. if you find conspiracy theories annoying you will find this move annoying
  4. millions of people have seen it already (supposedly the most popular video ever hosted by Google Video)

I was originally gonna post the video within this post but decided that, actually, on reflection, I don’t really care enough about this movie or if people see it so instead I’ll just put a link here again.

Also, it’s worth noting that you may need a much smarter analysis than mine.

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We’ll clearly you don’t know much about history and would rather put off any sort of alternative, introspective look into our worlds development as simply a propagandist attempt to change your opinion. If you did understand history you would see that the similarities between the religions are profound enough to show that they are just as derived from a common root as language is. It’s easy to just flip off an opinion for fear of becoming a conspiracy theorist/quack, but I would guess that you don’t stray too far from the track of conformity on your narrow perspective anyway! I tried to find a site with an alternative view to the Zeitgeist theorem, and all I found so far is your interpretation! Did you really think about it… or did you just observe it like you were watching a “Jerry Springer” episode. My advise to you…stick to your Jerry Springer, you’ll feel safer! Anybody want to object to this… I’d be interested to be enlightened!

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