Yvan Merineau say what?

I present, for the first time ever, something of perhaps moderate interest to someone else: a vintage audio recording.

I got this record at a thrift store called City of Hope. It drew my attention for a few reasons… Firstly, t’was fershure self-released: heavy non-vinyl, one-sided, lacking cover art, copyright, and most exterior features (which you can see below). Secondly, the name itself is somewhat intriguing — “Yvan Merineau – Fan Dance”. And, this was key, it smelled old. Most people would neglect this. But as I’m sitting here now I can still smell old people’s garage, the back of a wooden cabinet, wilted paper and cardboard crumble(s), maybe even factory-sealed plastic. I bought it, for $1.50.

I have to thank Show and Tell Music and their remarkable and entertaining collection of discount-bin record covers, for first making me aware of these self-produced albums. No-frills cover art is below:

Yvan Merineau record covercover detail

included record information: Allen Zentz Recording, 1020 No. Sycamore Ave. Hollywood CA 90038 — dated 6-27-82 — track time 8:19

All told there is only one track. It’s a layered synthesizer arrangement that seems intentionally off-rhythm at times, and other times just recorded badly (side note: 1020 N. Sycamore is still there, and is still a studio). But I didn’t buy the music for it’s sound quality; I bought it for it’s novel quality. Not to say I didn’t clean it up, though. I’m not a barbarian.

I’ve taken my share of music from the internet; it’s time to give back. And so I give to you, the people:

direct link: Yvan Merineau – Fan Dance.mp3

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I knew Yvan Merineau! And he demonstrated the synthesizer to me the last time I ever saw him. He had several years earlier been befriended by Artie Mason Carter, the woman who saved Hollywod Bowl in its infancy, when they almost bulldozed it away, and she paid for an orchestral concert he conducted at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art one Sunday afternoon in probably the late 1970’s. He was responsible for introducing her to me at a Van Cliburn concert at the Bowl when he and I sat in her box. That evening after the concert, I met Cliburn backstage and became a friend of his when I mentioned that I had known his Juilliard friend Fred Silverburg in New York.

My name is Francis Leach and my own music website is

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