Little Big Name was immensely helpful in compiling the following list of domains… I mean, uh, “web names” which, if I were writing this particular post in a search-engine-friendly way, might be typed out “dough-manes”. But I don’t need strangers nabbing my ideas this time, so I’ll be as subtle as possible and password-protect it for now. I am considering these little domains for use with Get Shorty, a roll-your-own url shortener—therefore, the ideal is for them to be as petite as possible.

What’s odd about most of these versus, say, the rest of the 2-letter names on the internet is that not only are they available, but they’re under $30. Let’s just imagine:

  • (fact – but just looks like “fat C”)
  • (are your ducts old-fashioned? – sadly, taken)
  • (let’s see – clever, but taken)
  • (flagged – mm… too many letters)
  • (nagged – nag me with some links)
  • (egged – if I were a chicken farmer)
  • (hugged – I hugged this site good)
  • and (can’t have one without the other)
  • (salvage – SOLD since I started writing!)
  • (ravage – a fierce name for a fierce… hobby)
  • (foraged – like the small woodland creature you are)
  • (say bon voyage! to vowels)

What a bunch! Of course, the big problem is that I can’t buy them all, park them on default keyword-generated ad pages, and… have something happen… then, profit! I hear that’s a popular thing to do now. I’ll be damned if I’ll let the internet not have anything good on it. We’ll show ’em.


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