Flaming Chili Peppers with Sunglasses and Big Grins

That’s the pattern on them, anyways.

Cryptic messages are better. Better than just telling someone. If you just tell them, they’re all “why is this important? how does it affect me?” Now if you don’t tell them, then they’re all going to ask you, beg you to tell them. Cause obviously there’s a good reason you aren’t telling them.

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You’re WAY too subtle for me. If I have to assume what you’re not telling me because it’s so obvious, I surely won’t “get it”. Now if you’re being subtle to be elegant, or to protect someone, or to preserve some privacy; then I can relate to that.

Cryptic messages are certainly safer; they put the other person(s) in a position of vulnerability while allowing you to give up very little, if any, of yourself in the exchange. Does safer = better? Depends on the situation. I’ve never been able to be cryptic with people: for me it feels far too much like unkindness.

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