Dream Recording Session

This was some assignment for a music class I’m taking. The topic was “describe your dream recording session”. Like how it turned out.

Well I guess I’d just have to do it with the TradeMark G., Mark Gunderson of the Evolution Control Committee. He is the Evolution Control Committee. He’s the one who’s inspired me the most.

We’d record in a gigantic converted zeppelin hanger deep in the labyrinth of Skywalker Ranch/Area 51. It would be filled with all manner of hard-to-come-by audio toys, and also groupies. Dorky groupies who would praise our oddness as they ogled us over their cat’s eye glasses. Our double length would be produced by the same guy who helped on “Hot Shots II” by the Beta Band, and reigned in their craziness exceptionally.

He and a crew of about 20 engineers would follow us around with a good dozen solid-states, DATs and old reel-to-reels trying not to get frustrated whenever we overshot with our jetpacks. Oh yeah we’d have jetpacks. We looted them from old Boba Fett props/counter-ops research.

We would glut ourselves on THX sound effects until the cows came home. It is a ranch, right? Lucas has been hogtied so he can’t complain. And/or do they have cows in the Nevada desert? Doesn’t matter.

Instead of having the normal Skywalker sound engineers we could get Buddha to master. It’d be doubly fruitful because you know he’d be totally in the zone and I would only have to pay him in loving-kindness. For the cover art Magritte and Da Vinci will be collaborating. Jesus will market.

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I know it’s a bit late to comment on this but whenever I need a good giggel and at the same time an intemet look into you’re inner psychy all I need to do is read this post. It’s my favoret. Of all time, that would be soo cooooool, and Billy I would be your groupy for like life, no gropy sex though that would be wird.

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