Conversational Snippets

I’ve been using Trillian Portable less than a month. Just to give some idea what I’ve been talking about, here are some random, mechanically selected excerpts:

  • trust me, its not true, if its true, then my weight is not 250 pounds
  • $5 for the Charlie McCarthy grass-skirted weirdo
  • i am teh pwnzores 4 lyfe
  • so I’m watching the GET video of last year, some of the way through, I post the entry regarding all the kite-killings there last march and link to the Al Jazeera…
  • have you considered a moustache?
  • hey there Mom
  • which is pay for my flight, and once ive finished my contract with the agency in 2 months, they will up my wages from £5.60 to £7 an hour
  • cool! I thought I was the only one who carries their life in their iPod

That last one’s really appropriate, since I actually do carry my instant messenger in my pocket, on the iPod hard-drive… as well as my browser, my image editor, my bittorrent client, and of course my bad-file destroyer.

I expect educated guesses as to the identities of those messenging/messenged. Messenged is not a word.

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p.s. – If I spend my morning responding – am I learning how to chat ? Anne wants me to get g-mail

Talk about your “generation gap”. It took me five minutes to figure out what you were talking about based on the links. Then I realized, our different perceptions of the use of our time are a factor. For you this is ordinary and part of your life’s experience. The time you spent learning this then using it is simply something you do “nowadays”. And you arrived at it by doing it – sometimes as an early adopter. For me, the demands I have and the energy I have left after I fulfill those demands hasn’t been applied to chatting, or learning how to chat. I don’t attribute a value to either of our relative differences in how we spend our time, the difference itself was what stood out for me this morning. [a nearly 50 guy.]

It is I, Jonathan, from Autumn’s partay.
As for IMing, I have become happy with My username for this post is on LJ/AIM if you want to stay in touch.
I hope your friend is still making political rants at 4 in the morning.

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