Cham Bam Shazam

OK so I’m sitting in class and this emo kid Tyler is sitting in front of me and he’s totally hipper than me. Boy wears a black sweatshirt with a turned up collar and the stitches showing with an ass-tight pair of girl-jeans. Kinda pants you can tell what religion he is. His hair’s shoulder-length strait and black with platinum highlights. Has a pair of mahogany-colored thinline emo glasses.

The coolest thing I have on is an ironic t-shirt that says:
ironic t-shirt.”

This bothers me. Why? No hipster, no hipster I. Damn people. Damn people presenting themselves as more fashionable and current than me. At least I don’t come off as pretentious. Well no, I do. Damn. But I’m not a clothes whore though. I don’t think. An inept clothes tard maybe.

I’m gonna redo my MySpace. It’s gonna be all default-conscious, no color schemas for this shiny attractive metallic object.

In related news there do exist actual, non-figurative MySpace whores:

From “Candice” :

I’m here because one of my girlfriends said this site is a great way to meet people online. I’m 21, with brown hair and green eyes and I have a butterfly tattoo but I’m not telling where! I’m looking for people who have an open-mind, not shy and people who don’t mind what I do for a living. I’m online a couple hours a day between work hours so if you want to chat over my webcam, hit me up and mention you saw my profile.

Occupation: Online Stripper

MySpace + WebCams = possibility for new levels of sluttishness.

Need also to set up computer for music/design and not games. Nobody cool ever went: “oh wow you have a level 40 shaman with all 4 totems?!” They say “ oh wow you make your own music!? And it’s fricking awesome?! ” Yeah. No.

Ok I’m gonna go now coolness be damned.
Dinner. Jenna. Hungry.

Pace. It’s Italian for peace.

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