Burned Out not a Burnout

I might be bored. I might be lazy. I could be frustrated or befuddled. Mostly, I think I might be burned out (and so young; I know).

But I’m hoping in this case for the specific. I’m hoping I mean the status quo. I’m hoping, because homeostasis is boring although the animal’s body seems to like it. I’ve been hanging out a couple of new places… Builder. Monster. List. They’re not that fun… not as fun as Hostel. But Hostel is getting old. I’m young; I said so myself. It’s my imperative to have more ambition than resources. The only ones I need anyways are my wits (not wit — even though having Woody Allen and Winston Churchill in one’s back pocket can come in handy).

Here’s what I’m trying to say: I want to quit working here, at this place that I love, sooner rather than later. Simple enough.

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Although you may be bored, you are not lazy. Being frustrated or befuddled is part of the human condition. Now if you were fuddled, that’d be something new… a new challenge so to speak. Are you a fuddled lert?

Ya know, some other witty, or wise, quotes might be “Thoughts are things.” “You’re going to be great.” And the favorite… “Be nice to Freshman.” I can think of one more… “Writers write”. I’d like to see that stuff. Maybe you can just consider this time as fodder, and start using it. We all have our moments of frustration. You’re kinda elegant and honest in how you share yours.

Because thoughts are things I encourage you to turn to the positive and the uplifting in your listening. I’d start with Neil Young’s “Someday Soon”. Then try Tracy Chapman, “Change”. Finally find something by Og Mandino.

Another thought I had was that at this time of your life, with your lack of attachments, maybe you’d find some interest to attaching yourself to the Political Campaign that suites your fancy. Travel around working for something/someone you can care about and see the nitty-gritty underbelly at the same time (Hilary/Barack/John E/ whomever) (I’d choice a likely contender though).

“It’s my imperative to have more ambition than resources.” Now that’s a great quote. I’d argue that it is not only the purview of the young. It’s the ground walked by many of us, each in our own area of interest. Regardless of what we have, our success is a function of what we do with the resources we do have. No person can tell you what the road to your success is; you know those who love you here in the north hope it makes the world a better place and you a satisfied “traveler”.

Simple enough.

p.s. It’s not Neil Young. The song is on Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and I think Graham Nash sings it.

i agree with gerry… hunt for the positive. also would encourage you to immerse in classic literature in areas like philosophy, theology & history so that you’re equipped to soar when the opportunity to write within a broader medium presents (and i believe it will… you are inordinantly talented). use your down time wisely… it’ll pay off. (i wish i had.)

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