Birthday Wishes

Starlight, star-bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may I might… you know the rest.

I didn’t actually get that much for my birthday. Bought myself a wireless keyboard. Walked my dad through getting another year of Flickr (typed in the credit card myself.) What I got was um… kind of a uh… peace-a-mind. A resolve. Something I’ve wanted to do for at least a month now: write everyone in my life who deserves to be written. Oh, and there’s a big list to get to…

  • Aynne Valencia
  • Lynae Straw
  • Meredith Scheff
  • Jenna McKay
  • Donna Fitzgerald
  • Emily Wentz
  • Michael Bandli
  • Lauren Wolfer
  • Josh Nebgen
  • Petr & Zdenka
  • Allegra
  • Ryn
  • Jerome Gagnon-Voyer

And I think that’s it. I’d always like to add more. This year for my birthday I want something from myself [laughter]. I want myself to be the kind of person who fulfills that which I want from myself. This is all very deep, and very cathartic. And I’m glad I went outside with a tape recorder and acted all inspired and talked into it and then came back inside, feet freezing, and transcribed all of it. I might go outside more often.

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I googled Michael Bandli because he’s an old friend from high school with whom I wish to get in contact with again. That’s when this came up. Please can you send him my e-mail address? Tell him its Xella. Thanks!

i also googled michael bandli because he’s an old friend from high school with whom i wish to get in contact with again. can you send me his email address or vice versa?

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