About Last Night…


I have written this letter in the interests of giving you a fair chance. Who knows? You may well have just been having a very bad night, happened to have found a golf club, and were riding around my neighborhood at 4:40 in the morning. In all sincerity—we’ve all had our nights. But hey, when you started screaming when I asked what you were doing, Lord knows I thought the worst. I called the cops. They came looking for you but of course, didn’t find you. Respect enough. Now, coming back to my apartment a half hour later might not have been the best idea even though I’m sure it helped you blow off some steam. Coming again at 7:30 to ring the buzzer was kinda stupid, cause now I have your photo and could make a real good police report if I wanted. On the other hand, that’d just piss you off more, and would probably piss me off too, so instead I’ll do this: TELL ME SOMETHING I WAS WRONG ABOUT. Seriously. Make me feel bad. Cause right now I feel alright, cause I finally got back in some way for the one of you that smashed my car window WHILE I was SLEEPING in it. Dumb, I know (cause hey, if a guy’s sleeping in his car, he probably doesn’t have some great shit to take… and he’ll YELL at you, too). Tell me I’m wrong to feel righted. I ruined your night? It goes around, is what I’m thinking. For real: there is an envelope behind this letter, and a pen. Write it out. I’ll read it.



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Perhaps not the best thoroughly strategized method of dealing with the problem, but I have faith in creative solutions. That, and I really got the impression the guy had a lot to say based on the string of expletives that left his craw.

How did I manage to sleep through all this? I look forward to getting the details tonight! Bunch of savages in this town. . . .

So far, it’s been two nights and the letter has been completely untouched. I can conveniently check it from my bedroom window every once in awhile. I can imagine what the neighbors must think, and I hope they’re thinking something along the lines of you can stop criminals by saying, “don’t do that.”

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