3.33 Beers

That’s how many are in a forty, so you know. Damn I wish that IP blocking plugin were working.

(go away, Mom and/or Dad)

Ok now that’s that’s taken care of. Wow my spelling is bad. You can’t tell because of my liberal use of the backspace key. Talking right now to Jenna, which is a task. Maybe I’ll post the log, right here. Bear in mind, I wis drunk.

Jenna: Damn.
Jenna: You need to get laid.
Orin: wow
Orin: that is so amazing that you would say that
Orin: ill tell you why in a sec
Orin: no, sadly
Orin: let me tell the story
Jenna: Kay
Orin: ok, so I went to the supermarket just about 2 hours ago
Orin: and I saw this chick I haven;t seen since I was 19
Orin: I remember 19 because it was the summer I got laid and I was going to choose b/w these 2 chicks, enither which I ended up sleeping weith
Orin: Monica and Tyler
Jenna: HAHA
Orin: Monica was this introverted girl with glasses who came to the center once and actually made me dance
Orin: (sound familiar?)
Orin: but she had emotional problems
Orin: the other was Tyler, who I ran into at the supermarket looking for energy drinks
Jenna: Energy drinks?
Orin: she was this girl who kind of was into me
Orin: I met her selling psychedelic mushroom balls, which later turned out to be fake, (long story)
Orin: but she was obviously kind of a slut, loose baseball mitt kinda girl
Jenna: Are there a lot of those in the desert?
Orin: and of course, there is a rule that you will run into girls you might possibly have sex with at the least opportune moment
Orin: being poorly dressed and grungy as I was
Jenna: suprise!
Orin: in answer: eh. I dunno. there are not a lot of viable girls in the desert
Orin: but, anyway
Orin: as I was pulling the wax off my hand I was thinking:
Orin: is it wrong to come onto a girl whom you know is “dirty” and is probably a druggie, just so you can get laid.
Jenna: Yes.
Orin: but then I realized:
Orin: I’m not gonna do it anyway
Orin: cause I’m too much of a wuss
Jenna: good


Hey, I’ve finally figured out how much alcohol I have to drink to even watch the anime commercials. God I hate anime.

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