10 Things I would buy if The Hostel paid me

It’s possible I might get paid to redesign the San Francisco hostel’s website. Money would be good. With that in mind:

  1. food
  2. a circle tattoo
  3. Keith and the Girl Live! California+Boston
  4. cool new thrift store clothes
  5. a monthy bus pass
  6. new socks
  7. new shoes to go with them
  8. a ticket to Palm Springs to visit Homepie
  9. [something I choose not to reveal on a public forum]
  10. true happiness (and more food)

3 replies on “10 Things I would buy if The Hostel paid me”

a circle tattoo? I can find a rub on one if you would like! You may want to check the link to the SF hostel – and food? U no have food? Help is on the way:-) xo

Christmas list, hey? Does that mean I get to go to the thrift store and buy gifts for Bob there?! I could have some fun with that!

Or just a food basket under the ol’ tree?

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