Dream Journal

We Go To France

Was headed to France with Lynae and trying to make our flight. Packed too much stuff, including motorcycle helmets. Found space in a lot for the truck and entered the terminal, only to find that we’d missed some narrow window and the flight was delayed… perhaps by a matter of days! To compound that, the space between the terminals was huge (which I complained was designed poorly on purpose to prevent walking across). We drove the car to another terminal where we could wait and still catch our flight, only to find there wasn’t long-term parking, just a vast grassy field.

At some point we had trouble getting into the airport itself and went down a side entrance — unfortunately, it was in fact a side exit — for Disneyland. Yeah, I know. But I’d been in that area before and recognized the log ride, the wood-post fence, and the terraced tropical villa on a further hilltop.

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