Dream Journal

Tennessee Toys-r-Us

Travelled to visit a big warehouse-like Toys-r-Us in Tennessee. Shopping for a present for Patrick/Alia. At the end of one aisle is a dollhouse-like playset of the Millennium Falcon, $422 — way more than I could spend, but cool that it exists. One shelf has a display demonstration of DIY plant life in test tube, as home decor.

I skate through aisles using the metal tip of an umbrella on the floor, it’s memorably loud.

I babysit a baby named Arnoit (has a French pronunciation), who may be the child of a drug addict mom. I can’t really tell if he’s human, or can see. But the toxicology report does show a bunch of stuff including Dr pepper in the cerebrospinal fluid (!).

Uncertain if this was Arnoit, but I have a history conversation with a kid born 18 years after September 11 2001. We compare my brother Chris who was actually born 10 years before, who still seems old to this kid.

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