Dream Journal

Spelling Class Spells Obscenity

In my 7th grade Language Arts classroom, I’m watching an informative video on my laptop instead of following along with the rest of the class (dream persona is maybe a little older than the rest of the students). Eventually the teacher draws me back into our group activity. Jumping from student to student, we each activate a letter (calling it out, punching it in, I can’t remember). The first word we’re supposed to spell out is A-S-S-H-O-L-E. No one reacts as if this is inappropriate.

Someone booked me a flight to New Zealand, but I didn’t find out in time to board the plane. This makes me very sad and frustrated at myself and the whole situation.

As it turns out, my wife told me at breakfast that modern airlines will allow you to fly standby on the next flight, which I guess is great news if I ever dream this again!

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