Dream Journal

Flying Speakers-Rope, Odd Apartment Inspection

Flying around on a pair of huge speakers, pointed down. There’s a barely audible interference effect that repels it from the ground. It’s quite maneuverable, similar to this Flyboarding video I recently watched:

I ride it into a train junkyard full of salvage materials. I sneak behind a couch near the desk of a president. Lynae distracts him and we sneak out a side door while exaggeratedly ineffective security guards (who are in cahoots with us, anyway) are summoned. After this, the flyer is now made of rope and split into separate entities. A chase begins between a rope-helicopter which sports a lasso on its nose, and the trio of Bobby Hill, Connie Souphanousinphone (King of the Hill) combined with Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe), and a charming old black guy. Rope is wound into a tight helix about their legs one at a time, and the three of them are propelled through the sky with the unspooling momentum. Connie/Connie switches kissing between the two.

Trying out a new apartment without the supervision of the landlord. Bright windows sunlit in the distance, broad open white spaces. Lying in bed with Lynae I notice a stray container of purple U-Stick glue rolling around the circumference of the room, oddly stuck to the walls with static electricity. As I note this to Lynae, it destabilizes and falls on her, startling her a bit. I say “at least I warned you, imagine the startle if I hadn’t.” Thus woken, we check out the kitchen (with two light switches), the bathroom (two of them), with two big open showers and two toilets each near two doorways. Terribly unprivate huge bathroom.

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