Dream Journal

Rodent Discovery, Sex from Above, Forest to Desert

Hairless hamster-like rodent nugget found in a closet, I share it with people and it’s a weird familiar. It has a jaw filled with hippopotamus teeth except for the incisors. Makes it look like an ape. The sharp ones are called “orins”.

I climb three freestanding brown columns by shuffling up them. It’s hard to balance but I grab different ones to stabilize. I don’t get quite to the top but a few people are watching me, one of whom is an Asian woman. I leap down from the column and flip her over and begin fisting her. This could have been a dream character I met elsewhere, Hiu.

Traveling a road through the mountains, perhaps the Sierras. There’s a lot of woody vegetation but it’s interspersed with signs of an approaching desert, saguaros and other cacti. Pausing on the side of the road, I pat a guy on the back who’s wearing a black t-shirt with cactus spines on it.

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