Dream Journal

Naked but Not Crazy

Dreamed I was walking through the streets of the Haight with Lynae, nighttime. I was naked after the end of a hard day and some body encumberence. It was pretty awesome but as Lynae got paranoid about people seeing me she dragged me back a little. I was psychically connected to her and kind of slipped out of this invisible magic underwear belt binding me together. She ran off and I went on myself. The police showed up quickly and I was left to hide lying still behind an old car leaning near a fence, assuming they’d look under the cars. I evaded them awhile then came back and people assumed, again, that I’d gone crazy. Still not wanting to explain enlightenment I talked to my dad, asking “well what do you think I did?” “You ingested something a little while before, and…” I interrupted and explained it was simpler than that: I wanted to do what I was doing and it was a good idea. My dad cracked and told me about this Asian couple which had been “smoking him out”. My possessions were being sifted through by other friends and sorted for transport, I don’t know where.

There was a baby someone was taking care of, an incredibly precocious toddler with wispy hair carried from one room to the other. She told about how fast it takes to get to the moon when you ride your bed (imagine it?). She had different body shells it turned out, and her brain was switched into a different one so that body could be bathed. The body immediately started complaining that it wanted the brain back and it hated keeping its brain in its butt. The body with the brain, smaller, maybe a newborn, did a play-dumb routine that was instantly recognizable as clever. I thought it would be easier to bathe the body with no brain.

Sitting in a golf cart in a living room with two women in their house. The cart started going upstairs of its own accord seemingly but no one acted concerned. It was enchanted to do that, or was somehow intelligent.

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