Dream Journal

Mr. Begby’s Slippers

During a babysitting job, I’m called in to put the baby to sleep. Begby is my drug buddy, same guy from the movie Trainspotting. Some whispers over my shoulder as I gab with Begby — the baby? — “you should try some heroin (was it heroin?). Begby is a menace, and I eventually find it simpler to I kill him, putting his flesh leather in a carefully Ziploc, promising to throw it out as soon as convenient.

In a many-roomed hostel, I nibble a bit. My female friend Oz gets in bunk bed, and has a penis. I jump and startle her before she knows it me. I’m sure it’s a dream so I grab the strange girl-dick under the sheets.

As part of my job, I’m being requested to go to market to get only one thing, because it’s Sunday and most things closed. I’m trying to argue my way out it, when someone asks about a bag they found labeled “Mr. Begby’s Slippers”. There’s someone present I told (thankful that I got rid of Begby but worried about the evidence), and they gasp, mortified that I’ve still not thrown the skin out. It would appear I’m caught.

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