Dream Journal

Mongoose Style Axe Moves

Waiting for Laura R. (Context sans) in a side room. This is after I meet her by assignment, perhaps laying in bed together. There’s some sexual tension but it’s hard to define. I might show her my loyalty and ability to work, but I also show her that I’m not set on her.

Barber shop downstairs from where I live now, but it’s actually my unit in the dream. Axe on wall I take down, and I’m testing different animal-style strikes. On one side is a list of moves, and the other side is just instructions for Mongoose style. The winning move is to hit the blunt side of the ax to right side of face, which I do — to you know who. I noticed the ax has a chip out of it, a distinct triangle out of the blade side that I didn’t do.

I realize after waking it connects with a little project I’m doing. Beat it to a grimy pulp, as goes the saying I wrote in my consultant deck.

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