Dream Journal

Lumberjack at Old Italians’ Farm

Roller skating down a slope in my hometown. Having a nice easy time, but I have to use lucid dream control to smooth the texture of road often (kind of like video game level of detail, LOD). I reach a gate to private property, an old couple who might be Italian. A split wood fence on the right shored up grassy semi-neglected farmland. The fence is rotted and peels apart with simple tugging.

Speaking in a folksy, imitated Italian accent, I convinced them to let me work on replacing it. There’s a stand of pine trees on the property, further to the east, in need of maintenance anyway. I show up and pass through the locked railing gate, feeling like I’ve somehow pulled a trick on them — this is what I’d like to do with the place anyway. I’m really excited to try fixing it up despite not having much or any experience. Felling the tree is simple: you find the direction you want it to fall, make a diamond-shaped cut on that side, then cut through from the other. I have my everyday Fisher brand axe (a waking life possession) which would work but might be tiring; I consider whether want to learn the chainsaw for this task.

In a more urbanized area nearby, reminiscent of lake Arrowhead in location, there stands a statue known for its jar of marijuana. Difficult to say if this is official or simply the popular use of it. The statue and the jar have been moved around recently, likely some kind of prank.

I take a picture of my friend Aislinn in front of it, zooming out in a weird way so that faces get smaller while the person’s head stay big. This is, in fact, just as strange and amusing as it sounds.

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