Dream Journal

Lucid Sex Close to Real Life

In classroom, sitting on chair with one leg shorter. Moving around different desks. Went on a bus field trip to a dark sinkhole. Coming back, I was dropped off in front of the Fartpartment while I hung off the back of the trailer we were all riding off. By the front door was one of my green Adidas shoes. I was markedly lucid on the walk upstairs. It was dark, nighttime. As I entered the door Lynae was on the couch and I warned her “I’m dreaming”. In the bedroom, there were two large bottles of lube. It was difficult to concentrate on assembling the lube bottle, but I managed to stick the spigot into the spout. Lynae’s butt was extra round and maybe smaller than in real life. She was wearing red or black fishnets over it, and it was daytime outside.

Fucking her felt quite natural compared to sex I’ve experienced in dreams before. I was very consciously aware that I was turning off signals from my sleeping body. I also had an awareness that I was interacting on another plane, just as legitimate as the physical one. I was grounded in my experience.

After some time, I walked through the apartment. Flop ran ahead of me and I considered trying to give him 7 tails. Walking down the back stairs, I gave up the pretense of trying to stay safe and act like this might not be a dream. I flew straight, over the neighbors garden. I couldn’t modify the flight path so I passed through.

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