Dream Journal

Lone Beach Tower Motorbiking

Nighttime along a brightly lit coastline, reminiscent of southern China. High cliffside roads hug scraggly beaches, threading by tucked-away housing developments. I can zoom around changing the perspective. I focus in on one usually bright street lamp right on the beach, so bright it has a pixelating distortion effect. Its two layers of trestles are color-coded by location and height. It morphs into a detailed 3-D mountain, the highest in the region, which is now seems more Japanese.

High above the beach, at the top of a tree, I print out multiple orders for motorcycle stuff using an older printer located there (to save time). I ride my motorcycle with dirt tires on and pop a wheelie, jumping over a fallen log. I commit mentally to a fantasy of bumming around Europe by motorbike, staying for $0 just on sides of roads

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