Dream Journal

Laudable Conceit

My family had just moved in to a top floor rental in New York. hardwood floors we have to do ourselves, which leads to some deep chips due to not understanding how to install it. We host a party after we’re moved in, running a budget generator on the roof, hosting ping pong matches. Patrick runs the cord through an open window, forgets which one and how to close it afterwards — I discovered this when I find Henry rat sleeping under a sweater nearby this open window at the top of a skyscraper.

There’s a Google laptop lying on the floor, mine, I realize my new phone is the third Google hardware product I’ve bought (it isn’t, actually).

You go up one enclosed flight of stairs, then another, then there is a covered patio roof with a charming rustic aesthetic. I rearrange the decorations on the unfinished worn-out wood table, glowing mushroom lights, abalone shell dishes, potted plants in handmade jars.

There’s a theater set piece made to look like a cheap old western bar. It’s comparing the different college time travel movies that have come out lately, joking about college professors once having sex and the like. I pass an Asian girl goofing off, licking a printed transparency of a doll size person. She says “what, it would be fine if it were female, wouldn’t it?” Which of course, no, it makes no difference how goofy that is. I go behind the counter of the old West bar and grab an odd-shapef hook off it, but the guy sitting behind it says he’s still using it. I say okay and go in the back room, which is very unfinished and unusual. There are a few little alcoves built one to another, one looks like a coat room for Harley bikers, another has handmade wall panels that don’t quite fit and fall down revealing a shaft down into the building.

”Laudable conceit” is a phrase leftover from the rest of the night’s dreams… which were mostly too boring to remember. Everything above took place over the span of 2 hours, after my wife woke me up in the morning.

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