Dream Journal

From the Riverbank, a Second Relentless

Sitting by a levee, I watch a minivan driving down the road next to it miss the curve and drive full speed into the water. Instead of instantly sinking, it glides along the surface shooting out a plume, quickly making it back to the road — essentially just a shortcut. I gather that the shallows nearest me are shallower than they look. Three more cars quickly follow, and they manage to glide on the water channel itself.

At this point I’m confused as to whether boats could still navigate, then along comes my old ship The Relentless, cruising along at top speed with all my former friends. Well, I flip ’em off. Then I voyage on a duplicate Relentless with a rickety wheelhouse in the back, and a duplicate Eileen, whom I charmingly inform “but we’ll never be able to tell who’s the original, will we?”

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