Dream Journal

Dream of New Garden

I start a gardening club that rents a backyard at 1230 Something street, local number 1010. I have the new keys and enter very quietly so as not to disturb the neighbors. The space is small and rectangular with high white walls and a path around the center. There’s a yellow droplet-shaped fountain in the center and purple petals scattered all over the lawn. I consider making steps embedded in the wall corner so to climb the fence. There’s a very tall nerdy-punky guy neighbor who we invite over for volleyball, to see if the gardeners can defeat the giant.

I’m in a garage (somewhat like Cathedral City garage) and sit on a chair with baby Alice on it. I’m lying on my side and she’s sitting on my butt. We’re having some sort of conversation and I come to the happy conclusion that it’s unnecessary to tell her about what things were like before she was born.

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