Dream Journal

Alien Shrimp, Sunset Airplane, Balearic Groceries

Accidentally bought a pair of shrimp and fish four times on Bitcoin. I click on the shrimp (a hulking asymmetrical alien beast) and tell it to investigate a hole, something to do with its father, and it falls right in. The seller is totally unsympathetic. Little tufts of grass in it’s aquarium (attached by styrofoam). Looks like a tiny mangrove forest.

Looking out the window while into an airport at sunset, the pink light reflecting off hundreds of industrial buildings. Some kind of job interview, perhaps in a foreign land.

Shopping in a grocery store with Lynae, a store so large that I want to leave my cart and go find things and then come back. It has a Balearic foods section. I don’t even know what Balearic food would be!

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