Dream Journal

Dive Camp with Friends

A summer camp for diver’s training in underwater oil recovery. Mixed co-ed group of youngish people, high sexual tension but everyone is working too hard to do anything about it. A girl I know from the PacTrades hostel, Adrienne F*nger, is climbing the rope ladder to our next task area and stops to masturbate — something I remember her liking in the past.

Karma Raya  is the name for the communal ranch house some of us stay in. A low wall separates our small sleeping rooms from a main activity area. The place looks like an architectural cutaway model that someone actually made a building of.

My school friend Vince Saunders is playing piano there. Well, anyways there’s a piano in the same room. I slide down the wall, over the edge, and land on the piano bench facing away from him. It’s a silly, classy move.

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